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Career story: Juan Carlos Conde | TRUMPF

What does a service engineer at TRUMPF do?

Juan Carlos Conde is a Service Engineer at TRUMPF – and loves his job: the colleagues, the customers and working every day with complex machines. Everything is good. In our 5-question interview, he explains how changing employers after more than two decades required bravery that has been rewarded at TRUMPF.

"If you ask me what I think about my job at TRUMPF, I would say: I am very happy!"

Juan Carlos Conde
Service engineer

What was your most brave moment?

When I was 47, I left my previous employer after working for them for 25 years. After a short period of unemployment, I was able to demonstrate my skills at TRUMPF. Since then I've worked on lots of different and interesting projects with our customers. I'm really glad that I was brave enough to make the move and that TRUMPF trusted in my abilities.

What is your job like?

I specialise in punching, combinations and automation. My colleagues and I provide customers with technical support. My job involves setting up and installing new machines, maintenance, and training on how to operate machines.

What makes your job so exciting? Why do you like doing it?

Even as a small child I was curious about what technical things looked like inside. So I was unscrewing almost everything at home – from toasters to televisions. This passion for machines is why I like my job so much. The work reminds me of my childhood and I enjoy being able to help customers every day.

What's special about working at TRUMPF?

What's special about working at TRUMPF is the people I come into contact with every day. Just like my colleagues in Spain, I can also always depend on the team in the Customer Centre in Ditzingen. They can help when I need additional support. At training courses, I also get to know other TRUMPF colleagues from all over the world and share experiences and memories, for example over a delicious German beer after work.

What do you think people need for the job?

You need to be positive and open-minded to fit in the service team. You must also be passionate about the work.

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