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Career story: Stefan Oberrieder | TRUMPF
Career story: Stefan Oberrieder

Stefan Oberrieder, IT consultant at TRUMPF in Ditzingen, plays a brave role in shaping digital change at TRUMPF.

Since joining TRUMPF, the experienced IT consultant has been working on a variety of projects. He is fascinated by the digital world and really enjoys turning methods completely upside down. When a department needs an IT-based tool or solution, he acts as an interface between the respective department and the IT department at TRUMPF and supports his colleagues in selecting and implementing the respective solution. The aim here is to create mutual understanding between the departments and to meet the requirements in the interest of the department.

Karrieregeschichte Alexander Oberrieder

Breaking away from conventions and breaking new ground

After successfully completing an apprenticeship at TRUMPF in Freiburg and completing his studies in Business Informatics and Digital Media at HdM in Stuttgart, it was the friendliness of and great cooperation with his colleagues in particular that were reasons for returning to TRUMPF. As soon as challenges arise, they are solved together, and Stefan can always rely on the help and support of his colleagues. In his daily work, Stefan particularly appreciates the fact that new ideas are always welcome and that TRUMPF supports its employees in breaking new ground.

Career story: Stefan Oberrieder

"My contribution to the digital transformation: bringing technology trends to life."  

"The most exciting thing about my job at TRUMPF is its diversity," says Stefan. Every day, new projects land on his desk, and working with cutting-edge technologies and a wide range of people brings variety and, above all, fun. For Stefan, the trust that TRUMPF places in him is demonstrated especially by the fact that he makes decisions independently and always has the support of his managers. And what he wants in the future? To change from a "digital enabler" to a "digital accelerator", and therefore initiate digitalisation projects even more actively.

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