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Compliance | TRUMPF
Compliance at TRUMPF


As a global company, we at TRUMPF believe that long-term company success and our company culture are intrinsically linked. Compliance shapes this culture decisively and guides our daily work. The TRUMPF Compliance Management System comprises all structures, processes and measures established in our company and with the objective of legal conformity. We therefore aim to foster sensitivity in all TRUMPF employees and to empower them to act with integrity.

TRUMPF Code of Conduct

Value awareness and responsible conduct start at the top of the company. We are determined to make the right decision at all times, even when no-one is watching. We strictly reject any tolerance of misconduct or turning a blind eye to it. The TRUMPF Code of Conduct is derived from the corporate principles and describes the values on which our business conduct is based.

The TRUMPF Code of Conduct is available in over 20 languages. It can be found at the bottom of this page.

"Compliance at TRUMPF represents the collective commitment to success through exemplary quality in products and processes without violating existing regulations. Long-term success is only possible with compliance to legal regulations in day-to-day work. This is one of our core values, fundamental to our reputation and therefore an aspiration which is much more than just compliance with regulations."

Peter Bokelmann
Head of Corporate Law, Integrity & Risk Chief Compliance Officer

The Compliance Organisation

How do we respond to compliance risks or prevent them from occurring in the first place? These are two big questions that the Chief Compliance Officer deals with along with the Compliance Team in Ditzingen and the worldwide Compliance network. This is how we ensure the transfer of the Compliance Management System into all business sectors and subsidiaries, communicate regularly with the local officers and help develop solutions.

Contact options

Do you have a question concerning compliance or would like to provide confidential information? Our greatest concerns are your confidence to act and the trust you place in us. TRUMPF employees and business partners can therefore contact the Compliance Team in Ditzingen directly and confidentially.

Working. Together. Safely. TRUMPF lives compliance and we all play our part!

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