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TRUMPF Produkte in der Displayherstellung


Innovative laser microprocessing and plasma technology are essential for modern displays.

Displays provide a window into the digital world. Due to trends such as virtual reality, smartphones and smartwatches, there is a need for more and more displays of increasing quality. The expectation is for sustained industry growth. Today, around half of all smartphones in the manufacturing chain are processed using TRUMPF lasers. In addition, 95% of all display manufacturers around the world use TRUMPF Hüttinger generators to finish the surfaces.

Flat screens and mobile devices

Glass cutting with TruMicro Series 5000

TRUMPF lasers and generators play an essential role at crucial points along the complex process chain of modern displays, and enable curved, foldable or bendable OLED displays to be manufactured in large quantities. For example, our lasers detach the sensitive display film from the carrier substrate and then cut the individual displays. To ensure the display surfaces are scratch-resistant, water-repellant, grease-repellant and anti-reflective, TRUMPF Hüttinger also offers products for all plasma processes required for functional hard material coating.

Working together with our customers, we constantly develop new technologies and share our decades of expertise in laser processing and plasma coating. The high requirements of the production processes and the high development speed of the industry require creative and innovative solutions. Ultra-short pulses, complex optics, wavelengths ranging from infrared to ultraviolet – in hardly any other area of application are industrial series applications so close to the limits of what is technically possible. Display manufacturers rely on TRUMPF as a partner to extend this limit year on year.

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