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Innovative ideas drive forward bending – and therefore your company, too. Modern TruBend bending machines from TRUMPF impress with functions that save resources, make operation easier and ensure precise quality – from the very first part. Whether it’s laser-measured angles, energy-saving hydraulics or fully automatic tool changes – find out more about how you can make your bending production even more successful and to boost your sheet metal factory.

Press brake Q&A

All you need to know about our press brakes:

Advantages of unique TRUMPF I-Axis system

The I-Axis is a unique TRUMPF press brake function in which the bottom die can shift horizontally what gives you more flexibility in the whole bending process. As a result, the number of setups and parts are significantly reduced moreover you are able to use different height tooling in one single setup (e.g. multiple V openings may be used). This leads to a much higher productivity and output.

Can you guarantee precise bending angle?

Numerous factors influence angle precision when bending, for example fluctuating strengths in the material or spring back. The solution: automatic angle measuring systems from TRUMPF called ACB Wireless or ACB Laser. The ACB systems’ sensors record in real-time, the actual angle and spring back and control the press beam so that the desired angle is bent – quickly and precisely. The two ACB Laser and ACB Wireless systems complement one another; one system may be more appropriate than the other depending on the application.

Can I use non TRUMPF tooling?

We have a wide variety of adapters to enable non TRUMPF tools to be used on our machines. Nevertheless, at TRUMPF, we focus on customer-specific consultancy and the production of highly precise, durable tools. We are developing solutions to suit your application cases, including for complex requirements. What's more, we offer a comprehensive range of standard tools as well as special tooling solutions. We are also able to provide electronic tool data to import directly into the machine control.



Which software can be used for programming a press brake?

At TRUMPF we offer you a variety of software solutions which are tailored for your needs and your press brake like TruTops Bend or TecZone Bend. TecZone Bend, the latest bending software combining bend programming in the office with shop floor programming at the TruBend bending machine as well as offline programming. All TRUMPF software is easy to use and have an intuitive operating concept.


Can I add an automation system to the press brake?

You can set up your press brake automatically for each new program with the automatic ToolMaster tool changer system. This is a priceless benefit, particularly for small lot sizes, as you save a great deal of time and effort in comparison to the manual procedure. 

The next step would be one of the bending cells which offers you a fully automated bending solution. You have maximum freedom in the design of the material flow using conveyor belts and pallet conveyors. Its the next step to your own smart factory!

Are the press brakes easy to operate?

Skilled operators are hard to find nowadays. Our intuitive operation and programming with multiple options like the part indicator, ACB System, tool indicator, touchpoint control, bending aid, MobileControl makes the bending process simple and is easy to learn. 

What does a press brake do?

Most bending parts are produced using air bending, bottom bending, or folding and hemming. These methods and processes all work in the same way: a punch presses the workpiece into the lower tool of the die. That is why the bending machines which carry out these methods and processes are called press brakes. TRUMPF press brakes are available in a range of configurations and sizes to suit all applications. 

What does a press brake cost?

Innovative ideas drive forward bending, and therefore your company's success, too. All press brakes from TRUMPF have a variety freely selectable options which saves resources, simplify operation and guarantee precision quality.
We have a large portfolio of press brakes which can fit every budget. Please contact us directly for any price information, we are happy to help!


Machine overview

TruBend Series 3000, cost-effective standard machine

TruBend Series 3000

The most cost-efficient press brake – a combination of high quality with simple operation and an attractive price-performance ratio.

TruBend Series 5000, productive all-around machine

TruBend Series 5000

The productive all-round press brake machine – with its high number of benefits and functions during programming, setup and operation, you achieve unrivalled productivity during production.



TruBend 7050

TruBend Series 7000

The ergonomic high-speed press brake – it bends small and medium-sized parts under top work conditions in a space-saving and highly productive manner.

TruBend Serie 8000, flexible Großformatmaschine

TruBend Series 8000

The flexible large-format bending machine – with up to 1,000 t of press force, it bends small, large, or extra-large parts powerfully and precisely.

Automated solutions

TruBend Cell 5000, Produktive Universalbiegezelle

TruBend Cell 5000

Productive universal bending cell: the ideal solution for anyone who values productive and flexible automation for the widest possible range of bending parts. Quality remains consistently high.

TruBend Cell 7000, innovative Highspeed-Biegezelle

TruBend Cell 7000

The innovative high-speed bending cell – you can bend small parts dynamically and extremely cost-efficiently with the quickest system in the world.

Semi-automatic panel bending

TruBend Center Serie 5000 (B33)

TruBend Center 5030

The panel bending team player reduces the operator’s workload with semi-automatic top-class technology. Even on intricate tasks, it delivers first-class results and efficiently bends small lot sizes.

Fully automatic panel bending

TruBend Center Serie 7000 (B32)

TruBend Center 7030

The fully automatic bending center is unbeatable when it comes to high-level productivity. With its constancy and technical versatility, it reduces the workload of your entire team: its rotary part manipulator handles sheets perfectly and allows you to bend them in record time.

Press brake tooling

Standard bending tools

The right tool for your press brake

At TRUMPF, we focus on customer-specific consultancy and the production of highly precise, durable tools. Because only the original can guarantee this, we have been producing our own bending tools for more than 20 years – in top quality and with the broadest range of tools on the market.

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