Easy Order user guide

Easy Order makes ordering easier and faster – with complete transparency. The operator's manual simply guides you through all Easy Order topics and explains to you how easily Easy Order works. Find out about the ordering channels and see in detail how you can set up Easy Order. Thanks to the newly introduced MyTRUMPF company account, you can simplify working together with your colleagues in the future.


How can I activate Easy Order?

To use Easy Order, you need a MyTRUMPF account and the applicable free Easy Order activation.

  • Do you already have a MyTRUMPF account? Then log in and click on "Easy Order" in the main menu. You are then taken to the activation page.
  • Don't yet have a MyTRUMPF account? Simply open MyTRUMPF and register for free. Take advantage of numerous further benefits that a MyTRUMPF account has to offer.

During the activation process, we will help you to set up your MyTRUMPF account for Easy Order.


If Easy Order has already been activated for you, you can access the Easy Order cockpit via the "Easy Order" item in the main navigation of MyTRUMPF.

How do I use Easy Order?

The overall process for Easy Order is roughly as follows:

Order request → Approval by superior → Order with TRUMPF by Purchasing

The Easy Order ordering process starts, for example, with the machine operator. This is the first person to notice when a part is required. With the Button or App, Easy Order provides them with a fast and simple possibility to communicate the need for this with an order request.

An approver, for example, a superior, is informed by this order request. The approver can see all open order requests in an overview, and can then approve the request or deny it if necessary.

The order request is now technically approved and can be ordered by Purchasing. The purchaser can collate the items for orders and send them to TRUMPF. Alternatively the shopping basket can be exported as a CSV file. The data can then be transferred to the company's own ordering system.

In Easy Order you can see at all times which user placed, approved  and transferred an order request to TRUMPF and when.

How will my MyTRUMPF account change exactly with Easy Order?

Easy Order expands your MyTRUMPF account with an authorisation structure. This enables you to map approval processes within Easy Order, providing you with transparency regarding your orders. Your registration details are retained and remain the same.

Who manages the company account in MyTRUMPF?

To manage your MyTRUMPF account, in the future you will need an administrator to carry out the following tasks:

  • Administration of your company's users
    • Creation, management and deletion of users
    • Assigning authorisations to use MyTRUMPF
  • Management and configuration of Easy Order Buttons
Can several employees use Easy Order in parallel with a joint login?

No. Every user is provided with their own free MyTRUMPF account with personal login details. They can use both MyTRUMPF and Easy Order in parallel with the other users.

Authorisation management

What authorisations can be granted?

The administrator assigns the following authorizations to MyTRUMPF users in your company:

User Rights

View Request Approve Order
Access Easy Order - yes yes yes

Additional individual user rights will follow.

Can a user have several authorisations simultaneously?

One or more authorisations can be simultaneously assigned to a user. The flexible allocation of rights means that the administrator can adapt the authorisations individually to the processes and requirements of your company.

What do the authorisations mean in detail?

Right Description
View The user can view the content in MyTRUMPF but cannot place any orders. The lowest level in Easy Order is "request" – which already includes the "view" right.
Request The user (for example a machine operator) can send order requests. These are sent for approval in the approval cockpit in MyTRUMPF or within the Easy Order App.
Note: For technical reasons, order requests are currently only possible using Easy Order via the Easy Order App and the Easy Order Buttons – but not via the e-shops.
Approve The user (for example the foreperson) can approve, reject and change order requests. Approved order requests are automatically transferred to the shopping basket.
Note: Approval is currently only possible for Easy Order via the Easy Order cockpit in MyTRUMPF and the Easy Ord er App – but not for the e-shops.
Order The user (for example the purchaser) can view and manage approved order requests via the shopping basket, and order them directly from TRUMPF.
Administration The administrator has the right to manage all MyTRUMPF user access. They also create the authorisations for new users, and control the configuration of Easy Order Buttons. Administrator rights can only be assigned by TRUMPF. If you have any questions, please contact speak to MyTRUMPF support.

Who should I contact to have my authorisations changed?

Your administrator can change your authorisations at any time. In the "My profile" section, you can see what authorisations you have and who your administrator is.

How do I carry out employees' rights administration?

Rights administration is carried out by the MyTRUMPF administrator. As the administrator, you can access the user management via the "Settings" tab in the Easy Order Cockpit and assign corresponding rights from there.

How Easy Order works

Further information on Easy Order

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