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Shears | TRUMPF
Schneiden von Gitterblechen


Greater manoeuvrability around curves

TRUMPF provides tinsmiths, plumbers, electricians, heating and ventilation specialists, as well as container or elevator constructors with numerous shears which are optimally adapted to their intended purpose.

A chip-free slitting process

Using the sheet metal cutters, you can cut without burrs and thermal influences.

Clear view of the work surface and cutting line

A clear view allows you to cut accurately according to the scribed line, in any position – even upside down.

Unbeatable performance on curves

The shears are designed for the highest manoeuvrability, even on tight, difficult radii.

Multi-edge cutter for cost-effective work

The blades are simple to change and can be turned several times.

TruTool S 160

TruTool S 160

The smallest and most manoeuvrable shear in its class enables you to cut radii from 15 mm. The low machine weight means that you can work easily.

TruTool S 160 Li-ion rechargeable battery

TruTool S 160 Li-ion rechargeable battery 10.8 V

The 10.8 V cordless shear is extremely handy and offers excellent performance on curves, while also sitting comfortably in your hand. You can cut up to 100 metres per charge with the 2 Ah rechargeable battery.

TruTool S 250

TruTool S 250

Lightweight shear for the mid power range, offering excellent performance on curves. Ideal for continuous use. You can guide the machine with ease.

TruTool S 250 Li-ion shear, solo

TruTool S 250 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V shear

Sheet thicknesses of 2.5 mm can now be cut cordlessly. Here you always have an unrestricted view of the cutting line.

TruTool S 350

TruTool S 350

TruTool S 350 impresses with its ability to cut extremely small radii from 30 mm, resulting in high performance when cutting curves.

TruTool S 450

TruTool S 450

Sheet metal cutters with unbeatable performance. The height adjustment for the blades means that you can achieve the perfect setting for every application and for every sheet thickness.

TruTool S 114 Li-ion rechargeable battery

TruTool S 114 Li-ion rechargeable battery 10.8 V

With the cordless shear you can cut ventilation ducts precisely on walls and ceilings. The 10.8 V rechargeable battery provides an above-average runtime.

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