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TruMark, the new marking lasers. As individual as your industry.

Numbers, text or codes – the efficient and varied laser can mark these and more without contact or wear. The range of marking tasks is also reflected in the different challenges that each industry is specifically confronted with. Benefit from TRUMPF's decades of industry expertise and get your production process ready for the digital transformation with new and individual TruMark marking solutions.

KeyVisual TruMark Kampagne Automobil
Automotive industry

Marking solutions for the automotive industry must be reliably integrated into systems and provide the highest quality to ensure traceability.

KeyVisual TruMark Kampagne Elektromechanische Industrie
Electromechanical industry

The electromechanical industry marks a range of different components such as housing, switches, power supplies or wires in high quantities with a laser.

KeyVisual TruMark Kampagne Medizin
Medical industry

Precise, resistant to corrosion and safe: The high quality requirements for medical technology products must also be fulfilled by their labelling.

KeyVisual TruMark Kampagne Weiße Ware
Household appliances

Markings which are high quality, durable and which have a premium feel are essential for the identification of visible components on household appliances.

What actually is marking?

Anlassen mit der TruMark Serie 5000

For coloured annealing marking on metals, the laser beam heats up the workpiece to a certain temperature at the point where the marking is required. In the process, oxide layers are formed on the surface, the characteristics of which give a particular colour impression.

Verfärbung von Kunststoff mit der TruMark Serie 5000
Discolouration and foaming

For the colouring of plastics, the laser beam heats up the surface locally. Depending on the plastic, the workpiece becomes darker or lighter. For foaming, the laser melts the workpiece locally. Small bubbles form in the melt, increasing the volume and reflecting the light diffusely. This is why the processed area looks lighter than the surrounding material.

Anlassen mit den One-Box Lasern TruMark 1110 und TruMark 5010
Engraving and ablation

During engraving, the laser beam ablates the material. A recess is created in the workpiece – the engraving. Ablation is understood to be the partial removal of top layers such as anodised aluminum or special laser marking films. These are applied to the base material and differ from this greatly in terms of colour.


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