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The TruMark marking lasers. As individual as the automotive industry.

There is hardly any other industry with as wide a range of different materials and parts than the automotive industry: From the automobile body to the drive, right through to the interior and various windows – when it comes to producing cars, countless components are used which, according to law, must have certain designations and information for reasons of traceability. Individual TruMark marking solutions from TRUMPF provide car manufacturers with the necessary permanent marking quality for this and they can also be integrated efficiently and safely in production facilities. The marking lasers also master surface structuring and cleaning tasks efficiently and cost effectively.

mymarkinglaser - immer der richtige Laser für die Automobilindustrie

"In the automotive branch, I need an overall system that is efficient. The TruMark is the ideal marking laser for that."

Jörg M.
Process and system planner

Minimal processing time with the highest marking quality

Due to the high level of pulse energy and the high performance scanner, you are always provided with optimal marking quality. The power of the TruMark 6030 is 25 percent higher than for standard 20 watt lasers and therefore enables more cost-effective marking. You also benefit from the scalability of the laser power as well as extremely short reaction times for short cycle times. Due to the internal power measurement and control, the processing quality constantly remains at a high level. With the VisionLine image processing and the integrated auto focus, you can find the right working distance for components with different processing heights automatically and accurately. The situation and position of the component can also be easily calculated and automatically found. Using the user-friendly focus finder you can quickly find the optimal focal position and even focus complex surfaces with flexibility.

High system availability and reliability

The TruMark marking lasers are characterised by the highest level of robustness and industrial suitability. The processing head not only withstands acceleration of up to 2 g, but is also adequately protected against dust and spray. With the new TruMark marking lasers, you can depend on comprehensive protection thanks to the two-channel safety circuit. With Performance Level e, the TruMark 6030 fulfills the highest safety requirements, thereby forming a strong, reliable link in your process chain. The sealed electronics and optical areas mean that the lasers can also be used in very dirty environments. You also benefit from service availability around the world, fast reaction times with telediagnosis and global spare parts availability for up to ten years after purchasing the product.

Simple system integration for the highest demands

The TruMark 6030 can be integrated into your facility in a way that saves weight and space due to the supply unit and industrial PC with 19'' format. The 3D function allows the laser to adapt to the different heights of the workpiece – an additional axis is not required. Removable connecting cables, which have been tested by the industry, facilitate integration of the marking laser, just as the various interfaces facilitate tailored communication between the laser and the production environment. Further elements which stand out are the short reaction times of the laser, the shutter as a safety function, the installation wizard and the maintenance-free air cooler.


Graviertes Zahnrad mit der TruMark Serie 5000


Designations of origin and traceability data are engraved in gearwheels using the TruMark marking lasers. The recess in the base material caused by the removal of material is extremely durable and guarantees permanent legibility.

Rear light

For marking headlight housings with serial numbers and bar codes for the purposes of traceability, the laser beam heats up the plastic locally so that a brief melting process starts. During the cooling process, small bubbles become trapped. The light is reflected diffusely off these. This marking process is called foaming.

Servo motor of a turbocharger

The Data Matrix Code is engraved on the cast aluminum part of a turbocharger servo motor using the TruMark marking lasers. The plastic part is marked with the code as well as the brand and type designation using foaming.

TruMark 6030

TruMark 6030 mit Versorgungsgerät und Weltpremieren Flagge
Available from 2018

The new TRUMPF marking laser for flexible marking, even of complex 3D components.

Discover our TruMark product portfolio

Marking lasers

TRUMPF marking lasers, available in a variety of power classes, are the ideal addition to your laser marking systems. Offering the standard wavelengths, they are perfect for engraving, ablation, annealing, discolouration and foaming.


TruMark, the new marking lasers. As individual as your industry.

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