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The world of 3D laser processing at TRUMPF

Whether it's a tailgate, medical instruments or components for aircraft engines – nowadays, the laser is the tool of choice for processing three-dimensional metal components. Thanks to its speed and efficiency, it has many advantages in comparison to conventional punching, milling and welding tools. TRUMPF is a laser processing pioneer and offers complete machines and systems, along with laser beam sources and optical path components. From cutting and welding to laser metal deposition: TRUMPF laser machines make it easy to change machining processes.

At TRUMPF, customers can rely on the most comprehensive and varied range on the market. TRUMPF offers the most flexible machine for small to medium-sized parts and – unique to the industry – two series of machines for large components and different levels of investment. In addition, it's only at TRUMPF that customers can receive a modular system for large and very large components, making it possible to always profit from the optimum ratio of installation area, cost and benefit. TRUMPF is also the only provider that currently offers a machine solution that can be perfectly adapted to the demands of the application, due to the freedom to choose laser beam sources.

Additionally, numerous integrated functions also help to optimise the processes for the requirements of each application. Five-axis kinematic motion makes it possible to efficiently process even complex three-dimensional shapes. Condition Based Services increase the productivity and availability of networked laser systems even further, thanks to analysis and monitoring. This means customers are perfectly equipped for Industry 4.0.

Everything from a single source

Laser systems, beam sources, optics, sensors and components for beam guidance – since we at TRUMPF manufacture everything on our own, customers can rely on systems that are optimally suited for each other. In addition to complete 3D laser machines, TRUMPF also offers OEM solutions.

Intuitive software

Whether for small or large quantities, TruTops Cell makes it easy to program 3D laser machining processes. Geometric changes can be made quickly. With the integrated standard optics, the software covers all machining processes. Comprehensive 3D technology tables also simplify your introduction into the 3D world.

High processing quality

TRUMPF stands for excellent quality in three-dimensional metal cutting – at the same high processing speed. The 3D laser processing machines can master even high-tensile materials without any problems. Likewise when welding, customers can be assured of utmost weld seam quality and consistently stable processes.

Flexible for every scenario

TRUMPF customers can choose from a large and modern range of products and machine solutions for the most varied of tasks. This allows for both small and high-volume components to be processed. Additionally, the machines can be easily retrofitted modularly to suit changing customer requirements.

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3D laser processing machines

The right 3D laser machine for every task and component size: All the systems of the 3D-processing portfolio deliver highly precise and productive processing results during cutting, welding, or laser metal deposition of two- and three-dimensional components.

TruLaser Station 7000 – cost-effective 3D laser welding in various applications
3D laser processing machines

TruLaser Station 7000

  • Compact workstation for welding high-quality small assemblies
  • Reliable processing thanks to fully integrated image processing
  • Customised solution for welding medical instruments, as well as sensor technology
  • Low investment costs at comparably high degree of performance, and diverse range of applications
TruLaser Cell 8030, tried, tested and now improved even further
3D laser processing machines

TruLaser Cell 8030

  • Maximum productivity in series production
  • Functions for highly dynamic processing as well as production and quality assurance
  • Robust machine concept for continuous production and long-term use
  • Pioneer in the processing of hydro-forming and hot-forming components
Product images of the TruLaser Cell 7040 fiber from TRUMPF
3D laser processing machines

TruLaser Cell 7040

  • Large range of applications thanks to solid-state and CO2 lasers
  • High level of flexibility in applications and processes
  • Focus on the user: user-friendly and ergonomic
TruLaser Cell 5030
3D laser processing machines

TruLaser Cell 5030

  • Affordable entry into the world of 3D laser cutting
  • Cost-efficient operation with an energy-efficient, solid-state laser
  • Simple operation thanks to software support and unique features
  • Compact design minimizes the installation surface 
TruLaser Cell 3000, unique and universal
3D laser processing machines

TruLaser Cell 3000

  • Easy to integrate into automation lines
  • Perfect for small and medium-sized component sizes
  • Uniquely expandable with many functions, options and interfaces
  • Highly precise, compact laser-processing machine with utmost flexibility

3D laser processing machines

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Laser-cut tailgate
Laser metal deposition with TRUMPF lasers
Automated 3D laser processing systems by TRUMPF
Non-automated 3D laser processing systems by TRUMPF



TruLaser Station 7000

TruLaser Station 7000 – cost-effective 3D laser welding in various applications

Cost-efficient 3D laser welding of various applications.

        TruLaser Cell 5030

        TruLaser Cell 5030

        Flexible machine for large components.

              TruLaser Cell 7040

              Product images of the TruLaser Cell 7040 fiber from TRUMPF

              Highly flexible & productive machine for large components.

                    TruLaser Cell 8030

                    TruLaser Cell 8030, tried, tested and now improved even further

                    The machine with the utmost productivity for hotforming or hydroforming components.

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