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Pioneer in 3D designs using tubes and profiles

Metal engineering in Taiwan is increasingly evolving toward complex 3D designs with tubes and profiles. TRUMPF provides the local job shop, JKE, with the right solution – including operating panels in Taiwanese Mandarin.

Cutting tubes highly automatically

Since 2014, a tube cutting machine from TRUMPF has been working in the hall of the Taiwanese job shop JKE. The TruLaser Tube 7000 is automatically loaded by a LoadMaster Tube and cuts tubes with diameters of up to 254 millimetres and wall thicknesses of up to ten millimetres in mild steel. A decisive factor when purchasing the machine was that it was highly automated. It is therefore automatically loaded by a LoadMaster Tube.

New business field – 3D designs

JKE recently discovered a new business area – sophisticated 3D metal designs. This means that the job shop is one of the first companies in Taiwan to provide these types of assemblies. The mechanical engineering industry is growing quickly there and requires increasingly complex tube designs.

On-site service

JKE particularly appreciates the locally based service team. This proximity between TRUMPF and JKE is reflected in the values of the two companies. They are both family companies that share the same values – sustainable management, the pursuit of technical excellence and investment in good employees. This is why JKE calls itself a "loyal TRUMPF customer".