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TruMatic 1000 fiber, an efficient compact machine
TruMatic 1000 fiber, an efficient compact machine
Punch laser machines

TruMatic 1000 fiber

The new laser machine that punches, forms and creates threads – using clever automation in minimal space.

TruMatic 1000 fiber and SheetMaster Compact
TruMatic 1000 fiber and SheetMaster Compact
Punch laser machines

TruMatic 1000 fiber

TruMatic 1000 fiber and SheetMaster Compact

TruMatic 1000 fiber, punching head and cutting head
TruMatic 1000 fiber, punching head and cutting head
Punch laser machines

TruMatic 1000 fiber

The beam guard takes up no extra space and enables good access to the machine

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Profitable compact machine

The TruMatic 1000 fiber is a laser machine that punches holes, bends flanges and forms threads. It is the world's most compact punch laser machine. The TruMatic 1000 fiber is available as a complete solution, but can also be upgraded to a punch laser machine gradually, starting from the TruPunch 1000 entry-level punching machine. Discover the clever solutions for part sorting and automated operation.

One machine, two technologies

With a TruMatic machine, you benefit from all the advantages of punch and laser processing.

Innovative drive

The Delta Drive eliminates the need for the sheet and support table to move in the Y axis.

Flexible lasering

With the robust TruDisk universal laser, you can achieve excellent productivity even when cutting non-ferrous metal.

Compact as never before

The most compact punch laser machine in the world is 24% smaller than the previous model.

Clever removal of small parts

Laser-cut small parts are removed to the finished parts container in a process-reliable manner.

Automatic loading and unloading

The SheetMaster Compact provides reliable loading and unloading.

Removing and sorting parts
Removal of small parts
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TruMatic 1000 fiber, Delta Drive
Innovative drive

The patented Delta Drive takes away the need for the sheet and support table to move in the Y axis, because it enables the punching head to "fly", i.e. to move back and forth, for the very first time.

TruMatic 1000 fiber, sorting
Automatically well sorted

Your machine automatically sorts parts up to a size of 180 mm x 180 mm.

TruMatic 1000 fiber, part removal flap
Clever unloading: part removal flap

A large part removal flap enables automated unloading of parts up to a format of 400 mm x 600 mm.

TruMatic 1000 fiber, sample part

Punching and lasering in one

Sample part with laser-cut contour and extrusions, roller beading, stepping and marking produced with punching tools.

Sample parts from non-ferrous metals

Material range

The TruDisk solid-state laser is resistant to reflections. Even highly reflective materials such as copper or brass can be processed without affecting process reliability.

TruMatic 1000 fiber, part removal flap

Produce small parts cost-effectively

Thanks to the "Small part ejection" function, you can cost-effectively produce high quantities of small parts from relatively thick material

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TruMatic 1000 fiber medium format
Width 6935 mm 1
Depth 6281 mm 1
Height 2207 mm 1
Max. stroke rate  
Punching (E = 1 mm) 600 1/min
Marking 1000 1/min
Working range  
Punching mode, X axis 2500 mm
Punching mode, Y axis 1250 mm
Laser mode, X axis 2500 mm
Laser mode, Y axis 1250 mm
Combined operation, X axis 2035 mm
Combined operation, Y axis 1250 mm
Max. sheet thickness 6.4 mm
Max. workpiece weight 150 kg
Max. punching force 165 kN
MultiTool changing time 2.4 sec
Number of tools/clamps 17 Pieces / 3 Pieces
Laser-specific data - TruDisk 3001  
Max. laser power 3000 W
Max. sheet thickness, mild steel 6 mm
Max. sheet thickness, stainless steel 6 mm
Max. sheet thickness, aluminium 5 mm
Max. sheet thickness, copper 6 mm
Max. sheet thickness, brass 6 mm
Part removal  
Max. part size – fixed punching chute (with moving table) 180 mm x 180 mm
Max. part size, laser part removal flap 400 mm x 600 mm
Consumption values  
Average power input in production - TruDisk 3001 13.1 kW
Auto-shutdown active - TruDisk 3001 0.6 kW
Technical data sheet

The technical data of all product versions as a download.

Numerous innovative solutions and functions make the TruMatic 1000 fiber the perfect entry-level model for punch laser processing.

TruMatic 1000 fiber, part removal flap
Removal of small parts

The Delta Drive decouples the punch and the die, thereby enabling new punch applications. One highlight of punch laser operation is the process-reliable removal of small, laser-cut parts. The upper tool punches with a slight offset, which means that small parts do not fall through the die into the scrap container but instead slide through a part chute into waiting boxes.

TruMatic 1000 fiber, sorting
Sorting function

Your machine automatically sorts parts up to a size of 180 mm x 180 mm. Finished parts go through a chute into an intermediate buffer storage. There are four different boxes under the machine. The intermediate buffer storage moves to the correct box and adds the parts to this.

TruMatic 1000 fiber, punching head and cutting head
Brush table/ball table

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between brush and ball tables.

Smart punch monitoring

Before a tool change, this function checks whether the sheet has actually been punched. In this way, the machine detects at an early stage when punches are broken, and can pass this information on to the operator. The smart punch monitoring function therefore avoids rejects, especially during night or weekend shifts.

Parts conveyor belts

Parts that are removed via the large part removal flap can be transported into boxes via conveyor belts.

Chip conveyor

The chip conveyor can be used to automatically transport punching slugs into a container.

Preparation for laser network

The laser can be equipped with a further output for if you wish to operate the machine in a laser network. In a laser network, a TruDisk supplies several TRUMPF machines.

TruTops Boost

Construct and program your laser, punching and combination punch laser machines intelligently with TruTops Boost, your all-in-one 3D solution. Numerous automated processes save you time-consuming routine processes and the joint nesting pool saves time and material. You also always have an overview of all manufacturing orders and order-based work.

Performance Cockpit

Performance Cockpit

Achieve a new level of transparency for your machines: with the web-based Performance Cockpit, you can keep a constant eye on the most important key figures relating to machine productivity, the materials and tools used and the production programs produced.


The extensive range of TruTops software supports you throughout the entire production process. Control your operational workflow in a simple and targeted manner, from managing your customer orders and purchasing processes to delivery of the produced parts. Through the direct coupling with the machine control, you can keep a constant eye on the status of your orders.


You can increase the productivity of your punching or punch laser machine with a tool adapter for up to ten inserts – in particular for small punching operations.


90° bends of different lengths up to 55 mm: when working with the MultiBend, there is no need for an additional operation on the bending machine.

Ausstoßwerkzeug zum Sortieren
Ejector tool for sorting

Remove laser-cut small parts with process reliability and separate finished parts from remaining parts at the same time.

Punching tools at a glance

TRUMPF offers the world's largest range of punching tools on the market. You will find the perfect solution for every punching and forming application.

Bring clarity to your procedures with our automation solutions. Employees can concentrate on their core tasks and customers will value you as a reliable supplier. You can produce more cost-effectively and gain financial flexibility.

TruMatic 1000 fiber and SheetMaster Compact

Loading + unloading

The SheetMaster Compact takes over the reliable loading of sheets as well as the unloading of microjoint sheets and scrap skeletons. In this way, the machine operates completely automatically, if required, with a load capacity of up to three tonnes. This increases productivity and also relieves the strain on the operator.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

  • The dimensions are approximate; the dimensions specified in the installation plan are valid.

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