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XTREME bending: TruBend Series 8000

Need to bend a lot of long or short heavy parts? Then this heavy-duty solution with up to 2,000 tonnes of press force will come in handy. A TruBend 8000 can handle bending lengths of up to 12 metres, and even 16 metres when used in tandem. Thanks to the heavy-duty upper tool clamp, you can bend even extremely thick and short sheets to precise angles. The height-adjustable heavy-duty bending aid with a 300 kg carrying capacity takes the strain off the operating personnel. Adapt the bending star to your needs with the help of numerous options.

Bend up to 16 metres in tandem
Up to 2,000 tonnes of press force
Precise angles for extremely thick and short sheets
Ergonomic operation thanks to heavy-duty bending aid and other heavy-duty options

XXL power: all the power you need to bend oversized sheets

Easier bending for heavy parts – want to find out more?

Find out more about the XTREME bending star for the TruBend Series 8000 on the product page.

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TruBend Series 8000: which version is best for you?

XTREME bending automations

Starmatik robot

With the robot on a movable transverse rail, the TruBend 8000 can bend sheets up to eight metres in length with a maximum weight of 220 kilograms fully automated. The configuration is tailored to your needs. If required, you can add a storage connection, centring station, gripper and tool changing along with a regripping station and other sheet processing processes, such as joining or thermoforming.

Upper tool systems

Thanks to variable upper tool systems with swivel mechanisms, the bending machine switches from one tool to another across the entire bending length in seconds at the click of a button.

Lower tool systems

Perform two different bending operations with one tool thanks to lower tool displacement. Benefit from more part variety, less setup time and lower investment costs. Lower tool displacement also enables the efficient performance of special applications like folding.

Push-out unit

The lateral tool push-out is particularly beneficial for closed profiles. The push-out process is CNC controlled for the TruBend Series 8000.

Front gauge system

The sheet is placed in front of the bending edge and positioned for the bending process with the help of the front gauge system. In combination with a backgauge, the machine handles the material without any operating personnel. Press units ensure the quality of the flange in the process.

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