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XTREME laser tube cutting: TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber

Need to cut long and heavy tubes or profiles? Boost your productivity to XXL with the powerhouse TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber. The 6 kW TruDisk solid-state laser with 2-in-1 fibres cuts through wall thicknesses of up to 14 mm and delivers high part quality, allowing you to quickly process an enormously versatile range of parts and materials. Machine loading is fully automated for tubes up to 12.5 metres in length with the LoadMaster Tube. Benefit from efficient small series production with the swivel-mounted conveyor system.

Tubes and profiles up to 500 kg in weight and 12.5 metres in length
Automated loading for tubes and profiles up to 12.5 metres in length
Swivel-mounted conveyor system for tubes and profiles up to 12.5 metres in length
Maximum productivity with solid-state laser

XXL power: all the power you need to laser cut oversized tubes

Want to make cutting XXL tubes easier for yourself?

Find out more about the TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber on the product page.

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