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Battery storage devices are one of the core components of the energy revolution. Modern battery inverters play a significant role within a pioneering and safe energy supply. These devices are used to efficiently supply and retrieve energy to and from the storage system. The TruConvert Series from TRUMPF Hüttinger offers modularly adaptable inverters for a great variety of storage applications – whether as a network connection, isolated or micro grid solution. Our motto: unbeatable flexibility with unbeatable coverage.

At a glance: what are the advantages of TRUMPF inverters?

Modular system, maximum energy utilisation, isolated operation, black start capacity, virtual impedance, voltage and frequency droop: find out in detail why TRUMPF battery inverters are so unique on the market and why they are helping to innovatively shape the energy revolution.

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Bidirectional inverters for batteries

TruConvert AC 3025

The bidirectional TruConvert AC 3025 battery inverter from TRUMPF Hüttinger converts alternating current into direct current. This can be fed into any battery and retrieved when needed. Benefit from a wide variety of network link options, black start capacity, voltage and frequency droop and virtual impedance – combined in just one inverter system.

Battery inverter: modular system for the network connection of renewable energy sources and energy storage systems

TruConvert DC Series 1000

The bidirectional TruConvert DC Series 1000 DC-DC converters from TRUMPF Hüttinger are suitable for use with any battery, whether lithium-ion, second life, redox flow or lead-acid batteries. They can be used in the most varied of storage technologies thanks to a wide voltage range from 0 V to 700 V.

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