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MF Plasmageneratoren

MF Plasma Excitation

MF Plasma Excitation from TRUMPF Hüttinger is above all used in dual cathode systems, such as dual magnetron sputtering. Thanks to their high output power and process stability, the mf generators are suited to both the coating of large surfaces of architectural glass with high deposition rates as well as for the application of ultra-thin, homogeneous layers on semi-conductors or solar cells. Due to their excellent precision and productivity, our MF process power supplies are the ideal solution for numerous applications in plasma excitation.

TruPlasma Bipolar 4040 bipolar generator

TruPlasma Bipolar Series 4000 (G2)

The process power supplies of the TruPlasma Bipolar Series 4000 (G2) are extremely well-suited to demanding plasma processes such as reactive sputtering, PVD and PECVD. With flexible output signals and sophisticated arc management, they provide excellent results during the manufacture of semi-conductors and photovoltaic cells, during the coating of architectural glass, as well as during the application of decorative and wear-resistant layers.

TruPlasma MF Series 7000 (G2)

TruPlasma MF Series 7000 (G2)

With the TruPlasma Series MF 7000 (G2) MF generators you always have complete control of your process – resulting in excellent layer qualities and optimum productivity, even for the demanding coating of large areas. With peak efficiencies of over 90%, these power supplies of the latest generation are also extremely cost-effective to operate.

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