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TruPlasma DC Series 3000 | TRUMPF
Direct current generator for demanding plasma processes: TruPlasma DC 3010
Direct current generator for demanding plasma processes: TruPlasma DC 3010
Plasma excitation
TRUMPF Hüttinger

TruPlasma DC Series 3000

Compact and reliable

Direct current generators for demanding plasma processes

With its broad power spectrum and fast arc recognition, the TruPlasma DC Series 3000 direct current generators ensure defect-free surfaces and high coating rates – even in particularly demanding direct current sputtering processes with critical materials. Thanks to their air cooling, they are especially compact and can thus easily be integrated into any system.

Broad power spectrum

From 2 kW to 120 kW, therefore suitable for a large range of processes and applications.

Compact and robust design

The DC generators provide a lot of power for a small amount of space. They are durable and less prone to failure.

Instantaneous arc recognition

Enables the application of very thin and absolutely homogeneous coats.

Simple system integration

Even in existing systems thanks to different data interfaces.

Typical area of application of the TruPlasma Bipolar Series 4000 (G2): manufacture of wear-resistant layers

Hard material coating

The application of functional coatings using DC magnetron sputtering provides workpieces that undergo a lot of use with increased surface hardness and static friction, as well as better thermal and chemical stability. TruPlasma DC Series 3000 direct current generators ensure optimal coating quality.

TruPlasma DC 3010 direct current generator


A PVD process is used to apply a paper-thin metal layer to various materials in order to provide them with the best possible optical and electrical properties. A power supply that has been optimally adapted to the process parameters enables the deposition of absolutely homogeneous, defect-free layers.

Photovoltaic cell production

Photovoltaic cell production

In order to influence their electrical properties, photovoltaic cells, flat screens and touchscreens are coated with electrically conductive materials (TCO). As a result of their low residual arc energy, TruPlasma DC Series 3000 direct current generators are ideal for this application.

Architectural glass

Architectural glass

The large area coating of architectural glass in a direct current sputtering process places particularly high demands on the process power supply. TruPlasma DC Series 3000 direct current generators offer the ideal conditions for high-quality coating results.

Perfectly suited to the coating of large areas

Ideally suited for demanding plasma processes

Thanks to their fast arc management and low residual energy, TruPlasma DC Series 3000 direct current generators are the right choice for coating using direct current sputtering. They easily handle even demanding processes and thus enable the application of very thin and absolutely homogeneous coats.

Photovoltaic cell production

High productivity, even with critical materials

High coating rates are achieved, even with materials that are critical for direct current sputtering. This allows you to optimise your productivity when coating photovoltaic cells and architectural glass as well as during the application of hard material, decorative and optical coatings.

Direct current generator for demanding plasma processes: TruPlasma DC 3010

Minimal interruptions and maintenance

Direct current generators are designed to withstand harsh industrial uses and enable long runtimes without malfunctions or maintenance downtimes. The air-cooled devices are also very compact and take up little space in your systems.

Various options enable optimal adjustment of the direct current generator to your application.

1500 V auxiliary ignition

The TruPlasma DC Series 3000 has an auxiliary ignition that supports plasma ignition during applications with high voltage requirements of up to 1500 V.

Fast arc management

The TruPlasma DC Series 3000 offers fast arc management with 8000 arcs/s.

Communication interfaces

Analogue and digital interfaces enable simple integration of the TruPlasma DC Series 3000 in current systems.

User-friendly software PVD Power

PVD Power

The user-friendly, multilingual PVD Power software offers you numerous operation, configuration and diagnosis options for optimising process quality and effective error correction: display of actual values for all relevant process parameters as well as warnings and alarms, specification of target values by the operator, as well as recording and visualisation of important operating parameters with high temporal resolution (oscilloscope function).

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