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Generator from the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2)
Generator from the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2)
Plasma excitation
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TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2)

Superior coating results using high-density plasma

The first choice for HiPIMS applications

The generators from the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2) can be used as an alternative to DC sputter generators in existing magnetron systems, without the need for any modifications. They provide particularly corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant hard material coatings and are, therefore, the first choice for high-power impulse magnetron sputtering applications.

Impeccable coating results

Impeccable peak powers of up to 4 megawatts generate extreme plasma densities with high ion fluxes.


Optimum device integration is enabled, as they can be adapted easily to existing cathode systems and processing requirements.

The first choice for HiPIMS applications

As the latest development in pulsed PVD sputtering processes, HiPIMS offers particularly corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant hard material coatings.

For a range of applications

Can also be used in DC mode; no additional DC generator required.

Generators in the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 in action

Hard material coatings

The addition of functional coats gives heavy-duty workpieces increased surface hardness and static friction as well as better thermal and chemical stability. By using a generator from the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2), your plasma process is guaranteed to be extremely stable and your coating results of excellent quality.

Photovoltaic cell production


There numerous areas of application for tailored process energy in the photovoltaics and semi-conductor sectors. Generators from the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2) can be optimally adapted to your respective process and enable excellent coating parameters and ensure high productivity.

Ideal for large area coating

Glass coatings

Coating large areas of architectural glass using a PVD plasma process puts especially high demands on the process power supply. Generators from the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2) provide the ideal conditions for achieving high-quality coating results.

Architectural glass

Optimal process results

High peak powers generate highly ionised plasma and facilitate high flows of ions. This, in turn, makes it possible to generate very coherent and dense films without droplets. In combination with polarised substrate configurations, the generators from the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2) offer superior results in etching and trench-filling applications.

Arc management

Fully digital arc management

With their configurable pulse duration and frequency, advanced power parameters and fully digital arc management system with very low arc energy, they facilitate droplet-free sputtering and minimal film defects, and ensure high coating quality and deposition rates.

RF generator for parallel oscillating circuits

Fantastic coatings

High energy and high voltages of up to 2 kV ensure that coatings are manufactured to the highest quality – whether in small laboratories or in large industrial plants. Pulses of up to 5 ms and frequencies up to 10 kHz increase the deposition rate and therefore help to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Photovoltaic cell production

High process stability

Power regulation with adjustable frequency ensures that the deposition parameters stay constant, even in the case of demanding reactive processes. This allows processes to remain stable for hours or even days, without the need to intervene.

A compact unit

Generators from the TruPlasma Highpulse Series come as single, compact units. They do not require an external DC power supply and are completely water cooled, which means they can run in the clean room.

The various options ensure that the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 (G2) is perfect for adapting to your application.

Simple process adjustment
Arc management CompensateLine (CLC)

Completely digital arc management with very low arc energy ensures high coating quality and deposition rates.

Graphical operating software PVD Power

PVD Power

The user-friendly, multilingual PVD Power software offers you numerous operation, configuration and diagnosis options for optimising process quality and effective error correction: display of actual values for all relevant process parameters as well as warnings and alarms, specification of target values by the operator, as well as recording and visualisation of important operating parameters with high temporal resolution (oscilloscope function).

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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