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Technologiebild RF Plasmageneratoren

RF Plasma Excitation

TruPlasma radio frequency generators from TRUMPF Hüttinger provide the highest process stability of all power supplies for plasma excitation. The RF technology is therefore especially suited to processes which need the highest level of precision and reproducibility. Also in terms of energy efficiency and robustness, our RF generators are amongst the leaders on the market – they are therefore the first choice for demanding applications such as the manufacture of semi-conductor elements, microchips, solar cells or flat screens.

TruPlasma RF Air Series 1000

The air-cooled RF generator TruPlasma RF 1001 Air delivers up to 1000 watts of high-precision, reproducible RF energy with an extremely fine resolution – in increments of 100 mW – and is thus suitable for diverse plasma applications. Whether manufacturing semi-conductors, solar cells or displays – the patented TRUMPF Hüttinger Technology guarantees top availability and the best process results all around thanks to modern process functions.

TruPlasma RF 3006 high-frequency generator

TruPlasma RF Series 1000 / 3000 (G2/13)

The TruPlasma RF Series 1000 / 3000 (G2/13) are the latest generation of RF generators. Thanks to innovative functions such as the patented CombineLine coupling technology or real-time measurement of all process parameters, reliable power supply is guaranteed even in demanding plasma processes – the optimal conditions for reproducible results and high productivity.

TruPlasma RF Series 3024 / 3012 / 3006 radio frequency generators

TruPlasma RF Series 3000

The powerful RF generators of the TruPlasma RF Series 3000 are characterised by the highest efficiency and process stability. They are therefore perfectly suited for demanding plasma processes such as the ones used during the production of semi-conductors, photovoltaic cells or flat screens. Matchboxes for impedance matching that are perfectly adapted to the generator ensure the optimal and stable power transfer from the generator to the plasma at all times.

VHF Generator Series 3000

TruPlasma VHF Series 3000

The highest power for your process: the generators of the TruPlasma VHF series 3000 are based on an innovative platform concept which meets even the toughest process demands. The modular design of the VHF generators, which are purely cooled by water, enables the output power to be scaled by up to 80 kW – and this with the smallest footprint!

RF system solution: matchbox for the highest process stability

TruPlasma Match Series 1000 (G2/13)

The exact matching of the output impedance of the RF generator is decisive for an optimal plasma process. This is achieved by the matchboxes of the TruPlasma Match Series 1000 (G2/13) as a link between the generator and the process. This results in a comprehensive solution for your process power supply – the TRUMPF RF system.

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