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TruMatic value package

The value packages are put together based on many years of experience, and serve to make your daily work easier. Profit now from different solutions and attractive price benefits for your TruMatic machine.

2D laser yearly package

Full-throttle 365 days a year!

Produce parts for an entire year without interruption. With the 2D laser yearly package, you are provided with genuine parts that are perfectly coordinated with your machine – whether for 2D laser or punch laser machines, CO2 or solid-state lasers.


Ergonomics package

Clever, practical and safe – trust our professionals!

Don't choose average goods – trust in the experience of our experts in our showroom. Well thought-out and ergonomic products support you perfectly during your work, whilst simultaneously protecting you from sources of danger such as hot workpieces and workpieces with sharp edges.

Punching/combination machine tooling package

On your mark, get set, go!

Get your punching tools ready for use. You can now get everything you need for the tool setup process in one package. When you are well prepared, you can place your tools on the machine quickly, and effectively protect the underneath of the sheet against scratches.

Tapping package

The right twist – even for thin sheets

Make the most of the flexibility of this package and create different metric thread sizes in different sheet thicknesses. Thanks to the right extrusion tool, you can also reliably create threads in 1 mm thick sheets.

TruMatic lubricant package

Smooth running

Don't make any compromises when it comes to your TruMatic machine. By using lubricants that are tried and tested by TRUMPF, you minimise wear and maintenance costs, whilst achieving maximum availability at the same time.

Initial equipment for water changes

DIY – water changes made easy

This initial equipment package enables you to regularly change the water for the process cooler of your TRUMPF machine with TruFlow laser yourself and with ease. Make the most of the benefits of the innovative filter system of the TRUMPF water box to always have demineralised cooling water available.

Water change refill set

Is your water box empty? Don't replace it – refill it!

Save yourself the replacement of your TRUMPF water box. You can replenish your TRUMPF water box again with this handy refill set. At the same time, you are provided with all the important consumables that are necessary for the water change of the process cooler of your TRUMPF machine with TruFlow laser.

Water change pump set

Bring on the water!

Use the mobile pump set for the regular water change on your TRUMPF machine with TruFlow laser. As the entire length of the hose is 32 meters, you can flexibly route the water to any point.

Fine dust protection package

Bad air? Clean it up!

With the genuine parts for the dust extractor on your laser machine, you can ensure working conditions that are free of fine dust particles. The right equipment provides reliable protection when working directly at the dust extractor.

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