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Easy Order – order easily and quickly with complete transparency.

Would you prefer to focus on your production and not spend unnecessary time on ordering consumables, spare parts and punching tools? Our free Easy Order system enables quick and easy ordering in any situation while keeping track of all activities.


Order spare parts and tools easily with the press of a button or by scanning a Data Matrix code. Or automatically receive information on actual requirements.


No more searching for item numbers and contacts: orders are instantly forwarded for approval.


Everyone involved in the ordering process – from operators and supervisors through to the purchasing department – are informed at every step.


Simply define your approval procedures and decide on order limits and user authorisations.

Use the Easy Order app to order directly from the production line - the place where the order is required. A digital product catalogue contains standard consumables such as lenses, nozzles, water additives and lubricants. Frequently required parts can be ordered via the Easy Order Button. Place the order on the machine and request the consumable with the touch of a button. Any standard punching tool with Data Matrix Codes can also be scanned and ordered.
You can define the roles and rights for a process to ensure order management is clearly regulated. The roles and rights determine who is entitled to perform which actions.

Easy Order step by step


Identifying the need

Production personnel identify a need and start the Easy Order app.


Requesting the product

The employee either scans or selects the required parts from the product catalogue and sends the order.


Keeping track

Everyone is kept informed via notifications and a status overview.


Issuing the approval

When a approval limit is exceeded, approval is made by an authorised person.


Triggering the order
The buyer completes the order in the shopping basket and confirms it at the press of a button.


Sending the order
TRUMPF receives the order and processes it immediately so that you avoid shortages.
Spiekermann, Johann Klassen success story

"We are able to place our orders in one tenth of the time since we started using Easy Order. It lets us concentrate fully on our production and turns the ordering of spare parts into a minor task again."

Johann Klassen
Heribert Spiekermann Metallverarbeitung GmbH

Easy Order App

What rights are there in Easy Order?

The different rights can be set individually:

  • The order request right allows you to request products from the catalogue or by scanning the Data Matrix code.
  • Approval takes place by users with approval rights. This could be a supervisor or production manager. You have the option to disable this step.
  • The person responsible for purchasing has ordering rights, is able to view order requests in the shopping basket and trigger the order.

Easy Order cockpit

Full transparency for all orders

Depending on your authorisations, you can call up the Easy Order overview in MyTRUMPF and approve order requests that have been made via the Easy Order app. You can also trigger orders and use the history to view who has ordered and approved what orders and when they were made. Do you want to manage user authorisations or be notified by e-mail about order requests and approvals? Settings for these are easy to make in the desktop view.

Take a look at the Easy Order Cockpit

Easy Order, shopping basket

Shopping basket

All enquiries are clearly displayed for processing in addition to order requests, release or shopping basket.

Easy Order order history

Order history

Who has ordered what and when? Keep track of all Easy Order orders here.

Easy Order Cockpit, notifications


Specify which actions you wish to be notified of by smartphone/tablet or e-mail.

Easy Order Cockpit, user management

User management

Set up user rights for employees of your company and define, for example, the price at which an order requires approval.

Easy Order Button

Easy Order Button

Order requests at the press of a button

Are stocks of nozzles getting low? The touch of a button is all that is needed to request frequently required parts. Assign material numbers to each Easy Order Button in the Easy Order Cockpit. The Button itself is easy to position on the machine or at storage locations. Pressing the button sends an order request directly to the purchaser or person authorised to make releases.

Easy Order Button: the benefits

  • Frequent orders
    The Easy Order Button is ideal when the same consumable part is frequently reordered.
  • One product per Button
    A product and order quantity is assigned to each button.
  • No more errors
    Information on the Button's status is displayed so you can avoid unintended duplicate orders.
  • Flexible usage
    The Button can be positioned directly on the machine or at storage locations.

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