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Genuine Parts Center

EasyOrder Original Teile Automat

Your parts, always available

The Genuine Parts Center makes this possible. All your most important genuine parts such as lenses, nozzles and protective glass are kept at hand in one Center. Log into the Center when you need to and obtain the required part. The integrated stock level management system constantly monitors the levels of stock and automatically submits an order as soon as the minimum stock level is reached. You can conveniently approve these orders in the Easy Order Cockpit or the app. A central storage location for all important consumables reduces time spent searching, makes repeat stock redundant and ensures total transparency.


  • The most important Genuine Parts always available – 24/7
  • Total transparency regarding your consumption and stock levels
  • Automatic reordering when the minimum stock level is reached
  • An overview for you: approve orders in the Easy Order Cockpit and in the Easy Order App
  • Organise the drawers of the Genuine Parts Center with flexibility and select the parts you require most often

This is how it works

The use and operating principle of the Genuine Parts Center is simple and intuitive. Each employee has their own user card, with which they can see the available consumables kept at the Center, on the display. If they wish to remove anything, they only need to select the desired part, remove it from the drawer and then confirm. Here is how it works step by step:

  1. Log in at the Center using the individual user card
  2. Select the product and the desired quantity
  3. Remove the part from the automatically opened drawer
  4. Confirm the removal and log out
  5. If the minimum stock level has been reached, a reorder will automatically be submitted. This can either be approved in the Easy Order App or in the Easy Order Cockpit