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Smart Power Tube
Smart Power Tube
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Smart Power Tube

Prevent machine downtimes before they happen

Make your Power Tube smart

The new Smart Power Tube facilitates the smooth start of data-based condition monitoring for your CO2 laser machine. This means machine downtimes caused by the Power Tube can be detected in good time and unscheduled idle times can be avoided.

Transparency of the state of the Smart Power Tube and indication of the remaining service life
Prevention of unscheduled downtimes thanks to early detection of Power Tube failures
Timely and proactive reminder when a replacement is required
Quick and uncomplicated installation

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TRUMPF continuously monitors the condition of your Smart Power Tube. We will proactively notify you in case of an impending failure, so that you can integrate the upcoming component replacement into your production sequence. Unplanned machine downtimes are avoided thanks to the transparency of the remaining service life of the Smart Power Tube.

  • Continuous condition monitoring
  • Early notification of a failure
  • Timely Power Tube replacement

Take the first step

Are you using a CO2& laser machine with a Power Tube? Then the Smart Power Tube is perfect for you.
Start data-based condition monitoring for your machine. The solution works completely independent of the Power Tube type and manufacturer and no modifications are made to the Power Tube itself. Depending on the version of your machine, you will need the Smart Power Tube IoT Box as the relevant hardware or a corresponding software update.

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