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Don't leave anything to chance. Our genuine parts bring you better results.

Fast global delivery

In an emergency, every minute counts. That's why you can count on immediate delivery.

Reliable operation

We invest decades of knowledge into TRUMPF genuine parts.

Well supported

From the selection to the installation of your spare part, TRUMPF experts are always on hand.

Quality: details which make a difference

Geprüfte Qualität der TRUMPF Original Teile

When it comes to quality, you should leave nothing to chance. Even during their development, genuine parts, machines, lasers and laser systems from TRUMPF are coordinated with each other to the finest detail. This means we not only enable you to have the highest process reliability, but also provide spare parts that function according to the Plug & Play principle, without any adjustment required. So that it remains like this, TRUMPF ensures the highest quality standards.

Availability: quickly in place

Hochregallager für TRUMPF Original Teile

Even a small part can be crucial for the availability of your TRUMPF product. A global network of sales and logistics experts therefore ensures that you are provided with the required spare parts as soon as possible – no matter whether your production facility is located in Europe, America or Asia. The majority of orders are delivered the next day. Even when a TRUMPF machine, laser or laser system has not been produced for a long time, you can rely on the right spare parts for the long term.

Xchange: the quality promise for genuine parts

Original Teile Xchange Vorteile

Genuine parts from TRUMPF meet the highest quality requirements. With Xchange we therefore also guarantee the quality of our products even beyond the warranty. For more than 5,000 high-quality spare parts, in the event of replacement Xchange guarantees you high credit notes even a long time after purchase. Depending on the spare part, the time period for this can be four or even ten years. You can recognise the Xchange parts quite simply from the logo on the box or from the note on your shipping documents.

Our genuine parts

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