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Connectivity for additive manufacturing | TRUMPF

Connectivity – monitoring on the machine and in the network

TruPrint monitoring

TruTops Monitor

With TruTops Monitor, you have total transparency over your machines and the option of remote access, even externally. Observe, analyse and control your TruPrint machines conveniently from your desktop or on a mobile device using the MobileControl app. The analysis of live machine data and of the utilisation of all your machines will enhance your industrial additive manufacturing. Error notifications via email give you the option of modifying your processes as quickly as possible.

Additive manufacturing OPC UA interface

OPC UA interface – for connecting to your own network solutions

With the OPC UA monitoring interface, you have the option to link the TruPrint performance monitoring data with your individual software in a flexible way. The performance monitoring data is transferred live, by means of a standardised interface.

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