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Marking tool from below | TRUMPF
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Punching tools

Marking tool from below

Marking from another perspective

Marking from below

Save time and effort: Using the marking tool from below, you can mark your sheets from underneath without having to turn them, directly on your punching or punch laser machine.

Reduce the time required

Time savings with direct marking from below, without having to turn the sheet over

Low-scratch and practically mark-free

The surface of the sheet remains almost unaffected on both sides.

Quiet and free of vibration

Together with the active die, vibration is avoided and the noise level is reduced.

A balancing effect

When processing sheets with fluctuating thicknesses, the combination with the calibration tool yields perfect results.

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Due to the direct marking from below, there is no need to turn or post-process the sheet, saving you valuable time. You can mark letters, numbers, symbols or contours underneath the sheet with complete flexibility. A marking pin in the die of the tool marks underneath the sheet through the active die stroke. As it is only the marking pin which comes into contact with the sheet, it is protected against scratches. The marking tool prevents vibration in the sheet and reduces the noise level during processing. A plastic ball roller in the punch acts as a gentle counterholder, thereby minimising imprints on the top of the sheet. If the calibration tool is also used, the adjustment values no longer need to be modified at the machine for varying sheet thicknesses.

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