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TruTops Fab Quickjob module | TRUMPF
TruTops Fab Modul Quickjob
TruTops Fab Modul Quickjob

TruTops Fab Quickjob module

Production control made easy

Simple starting point for production control

With the TruTops Fab Quickjob module you can clearly control and manage your production jobs. You have an overview of all your machine jobs and can control these. The machines automatically report back the job status. This enables you to control your jobs more efficiently.

Paperless production

Control your production automatically and without paper through feedback about the job progress

Permanent transparency

Overview of the production status including downtime, running programs and job status.

An overview of material consumption and processing time

You are automatically provided with feedback regarding material consumption and processing times

Complete overview of capacity for optimal utilisation

Optimal utilisation thanks to the real-time update of the job status and of all jobs.

Flexible interfaces

Save time and avoid errors thanks to interfaces to your IT systems

Improved production planning

TruTops Fab Modul Quickjob, Kapazitätsauslastung

Improved production planning

With the TruTops Fab Quickjob module you can plan your jobs according to the available work stations, capacities and shift times that you have defined in workplace management. The capacity overview automatically takes over the times from the programming. This means you have a reliable basis for your data for planning in real time.

Automated production

TruTops Fab Modul Quickjob, Grafische Vereinzelung

Automated production

The TruTops Fab Quickjob module transfers the production packages directly to the production plan of the machine and controls all machine jobs. The machines automatically report back about completed jobs and processing times, so that there is no need for manual booking. This results in time savings and process reliability for you. You are automatically provided with part times and the material consumption per manufacturing job and therefore have the optimal basis for your planning.

The option for the graphic separation of laser cut parts supports you in the sorting of parts from the pallet. With the label printing option you can print individual labels and production documents on the current jobs as required.

Software products that are ideal additions to the TruTops Fab Quickjob module

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