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TruTops Fab | TRUMPF
TruTops Fab
TruTops Fab

TruTops Fab

Control the entire production operation with ease

One piece of software for all production processes

With TruTops Fab you ensure that you have maximum transparency for your production and can easily control and manage your processes from the customer order through to shipping. Due to the connection to the control of your machine or laser system, you always have an overview of the current status of your production operations and production orders.

Less machine idle time

Receive information in real time about malfunctions and causes around the clock by e-mail or text message.

Plan production with ease

Control and manage your production jobs with the TruTops Fab Quickjob module.

So that it all adds up

Manage orders and purchasing processes easily and calculate costs reliably.

Optimised material flow

With the TruTops Fab Storage module, you can control the entire material flow of your production and manage inventories.

Information anywhere

The TruTops Fab app turns your iOS devices into mobile information centres.

Planning and preparation




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