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TruTops Monitor | TRUMPF
TruTops Monitor
TruTops Monitor

TruTops Monitor

Always well informed about the operating status and production sequence

The starting point for status monitoring

With TruTops Monitor, you can record and analyse machine data (MDA) such as idle states, error messages, causes of malfunction, breaks and maintenance periods. This works with all your production work stations. You can therefore react quickly if necessary and minimise idle times.

Reduced idle states

Information in real time about malfunctions and causes around the clock by e-mail or text message.

Higher availability

Easily rectify errors from a distance directly using Remote Control.

Analyse data

The evaluation and visualisation of the data enables you be proactive.

Saves time and effort

Fewer inspection rounds as you always have a full overview

Transparency in production

TruTops Monitor, Auswertung MDE Daten

Transparency in production

You can use TruTops Monitor to increase your production availability. Your machine data (MDA) is automatically recorded. In the event of a malfunction, you will receive information about the cause immediately by e-mail or text message.

Information on the move

Information on the move

With the Fab app, you also have mobile access to the functions of TruTops Monitor, keeping you informed at all times. The Remote Control function also enables you to access your control system remotely. You can therefore react quickly and, if necessary, rectify errors even when you are on the move. The app is compatible with all common iOS devices (iPad, iPhone).

Software products that are ideal additions to TruTops Monitor

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