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Single and multiple-mode VCSELs | TRUMPF
Technology image single and multiple mode VCSEL laser, TRUMPF Photonic Components

Single and multi-mode VCSELs

The TRUMPF VCSEL range is characterised by a universal range of use in various sensor system applications. For example, the products are used as a pulse source for time-of flight application, as a coherent light source in optical encoders or as a reference lasers in FTIR spectrometers. The innovative product design makes a low power input, an extremely fast pulsing mode, an optimised beam profile, active polarisation control, a spectral light emission with an extremely narrow band and a low speckle effect possible. Various packaging options also make product integration easier and enable additional features.

Single mode VCSEL

Single-mode VCSELs due to their Gaussian-shaped beam profile, their low power input, and their outstanding reliability are perfectly suited for use in numerous industrial sensor applications.
TRUMPF offers different wave lengths (for example, 760 nm, 850 nm and 940 nm).

Multi-Mode VCSELs

Multiple mode VCSELs are infrared light sources for mobile consumer applications and can be perfectly used in highly integrated sensors due to their compact dimensions. 940 nm is the standard wavelength for the multiple mode VCSEL, however, other wavelengths are also available.

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