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Sustainable laser chiller for a family business with regional roots

Martin Krämer's workplace is often the subject of envy. He founded his company, Krämer Brennteile, on his father's farm, which is located in the middle of the most beautiful Black Forest landscape in the Kinzig Valley. Krämer started laser processing in the former cow shed. Today, a TruLaser 5030 fiber cuts sheet metal parts in the production hall built in 2019. Over the past 20 years, Krämer Brennteile has grown from a one-man operation into a flourishing family business with 41 employees. The laser helped. "We are fast, reliable and quality-conscious," says Martin Krämer. He specialises in small series of one to 25 pieces and supplies customers within a radius of 70 kilometres with his own truck. With all this growth, the down-to-earth entrepreneur attaches great importance to sustainability: "We live and work here in the middle of nature and strive to do our part to preserve it as best as possible." For this reason, he was focused on fibre technology at an early stage and saves nitrogen with the Highspeed Eco cutting process. So it's fitting that TRUMPF product manager Fabian Staib asked him in early 2021 if he wanted to test the new Eco Cooler laser chiller.

Krämer Brennteile

In 2001, Martin Krämer converts his father's farm and in 2003 starts his own business with a flame cutting machine. His flame-cut parts are in demand and the number of employees increases with the orders. At the Blechexpo trade fair in 2009, Krämer sees a TruLaser 1030 and buys it immediately. With the easy-to-operate machine, he succeeds in getting started with laser processing. It accelerates the rapid development of the family business. Today, a TruLaser 5030 fiber is in production and 41 permanent and part-time employees ensure fast, reliable and unbureaucratic order processing. Krämer supplies a wide range of regional customers – from artists to vehicle manufacturers and mould makers.

Sheet metal processing
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Hofstetten (Germany)
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  • TruLaser 5030 fiber with Eco Cooler and Free Cooling
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  • TruBend 5320
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Martin Krämer is immediately curious when Fabian Staib introduces him to the new development from TRUMPF and Efficient Energy, as the Eco Cooler cools the laser machine using only water. It works without harmful F-gases and uses significantly less energy for cooling. "Laser cooling is always a huge topic for us because it is the biggest energy guzzler," says Krämer.

Legal requirements further aggravate the issue: In the Kigali Agreement, the participating countries committed themselves to gradually reducing the quantities of environmentally harmful F-gases produced by 2048. The shortage of refrigerants leads to a price increase. Environmentally friendly alternatives are therefore in demand. "Our EcoCooler is an excellent alternative for companies. It works exclusively with water – the most environmentally friendly, safest and most natural refrigerant of all," emphasises Fabian Staib.

The Eco Cooler works perfectly, reduces energy costs and has less impact on the environment. It's simply the best solution.

Martin Krämer
CEO Krämer


Distilled water is sufficient for the Eco Cooler to cool the laser machine. A further advantage: it uses up to 80 percent less energy than conventional cooling systems. This is because it works like a heat pump: In a closed circuit, the water cools the heat-generating components of the laser system, such as laser diodes, optics, drives and electrical cabinets. The heated water flows back into the Eco Cooler, where it cools down again through evaporation, compression and condensation. The Free Cooling option saves up to 30 percent more energy. For this purpose, a water-air heat exchanger is set up outside the building. This exchanger uses the ambient temperature for cooling. If it is below 17 degrees Celsius, it cools completely without the evaporator in the interior space. If the outside temperatures are higher, the evaporator starts automatically. With the use of free cooling, users can receive funding from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). The environmentally friendly cooling solution has been available for TRUMPF laser cutting machines in the 1000 to 5000 series since EuroBLECH 2022. With the Eco Cooler, TRUMPF supports its customers in aligning their production to reduce energy and pollutants, thereby improving the environmental footprint of the entire industry and saving costs at the same time.



In March 2021, TRUMPF technicians arrived at the Krämer facility and exchanged the previous chiller for the new Eco Cooler. "We kept the old chiller as a backup in case something didn't work during the test phase," recalls Martin Krämer. But it was never used: The retrofit and start-up of the devices went smoothly and after minimal installation time the new chiller went into operation – and has been cooling without fail ever since. It saves Krämer 5.4 tons of CO2 emissions and more than 13,500 kilowatt hours of electricity every year. "Given the current energy prices, the plus in terms of sustainability is also an economic advantage," says Krämer. "And since we no longer use coolant, the risk to the environment is also much lower. If a hose leaks, only water will leak out." The free cooling option has proven particularly effective at the Krämer facility. Martin Krämer explains: "The external chiller is extremely effective for us. It stands in a corner that is always shaded, even in summer. "That's why we have an extremely high free-cooling percentage of over 60 percent of the usage time."


Martin Krämer is completely satisfied with his environmentally friendly laser chiller. "The Eco Cooler works perfectly, reduces energy costs and has less impact on the environment. It's simply the best solution," he raves. "For us, as a contract manufacturer, it is important that we are always able to deliver. We need a partner that provides a good product and can help us at any time if we have problems. One that is technologically advanced. This describes TRUMPF." The enterprising businessman already has new plans: a TruLaser 5030 fiber with an output of 24 kilowatts will soon replace the existing 10 kilowatt machine. Of course, he also wants to order the Eco Cooler for his new machine at the same time.

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Eco Cooler

The Eco Cooler cools the laser machine using only distilled water. Environmentally harmful F-gases are no longer used. It saves up to 80 percent energy and reduces CO2 emissions. The free cooling option makes it even more efficient: the water-air heat exchanger uses the ambient air outside the building for cooling. This saves up to 30 percent more energy.

TruLaser 5030 fiber, productive machine with solid-state laser
TruLaser 5030 fiber

The TruLaser 5030 fiber displays impressively high processing speed and high part quality. It works particularly efficiently with Highspeed Eco. A special nozzle design reduces nitrogen consumption in the process by up to 70% – for double the sheet throughput.