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MF-Stromversorgung der Spitzenklasse zur Beschichtung von Flachbildschirmen

Plasma Excitation

TRUMPF Hüttinger power supplies for your plasma processes

Today, many industries cannot do without engineered plasmas. They have a vast array of uses in high technology applications. Engineered plasmas are ignited mainly by applying electrical discharges. Direct current, mid-frequency or radiofrequency generators are commonly used to ignite or burn plasmas.


At a glance: plasma processes and how you can use them.

Ideal für Großflächenbeschichtung
Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
Reactive Sputtering
Ideal geeignet für Ätz- und Beschichtungsprozesse
Plasma Etching
Zur Aufbringung dünnster Metallschichten ideal geeignet
Plasma Cleaning
Plasma Diffusion
Ideal geeignet für Großflächenbeschichtung
Plasma Polymerization

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Industry solutions

For numerous industries, TRUMPF has tailored solutions and specialists with precise knowledge of the specific requirements and applications.

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Induction heating by TRUMPF Hüttinger

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TRUMPF Leistungselektronik
Power electronics

TRUMPF Hüttinger generators provide power in the requisite frequency and output for plasma applications, induction heating, and CO2 laser excitation.


Dr. Daniel Krausse
Plasma RF

Dr. Jan Peter Engelstädter
Plasma MF


Plasma excitation brochure
Plasma excitation brochure
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