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Products and supply chain | TRUMPF
TRUMPF product portfolio

Products and supply chain

Our products and services are known on the market to be innovative, tried and tested in industry and reliable. Having a portfolio that is energy-saving and resource-efficient is as important to us as safety, long service life and ease of repair. Whatever we produce and whatever innovations we make - it is vital to us that we meet these standards over the long term. We also place similar expectations on our business partners. We expect responsible, sustainable and conscious behavior across their business activities.

Machine safety

The safety of its products is very important to TRUMPF. We make sure that people are not injured on our products and that they have no detrimental health effects. For us, it is a given that we meet the safety requirements not only of the European Union, but also of every target market of which we are a part. What's more: people working on TRUMPF machines are considerably better protected from laser radiation and dust than on most of our competitors' machines. We monitor the use of our products in the field and continually improve them.

Energy and resource efficiency

Our engineers are driven every day to come up with new and innovative solutions for our customers. For our team, innovation also means making products that are more efficient and that save energy and resources, or creating applications that provide added benefits when it comes to reducing resources.

Efficient machines and lasers

As a general principle, a new product from TRUMPF is considerably more efficient than its predecessor model. We systematically record and analyze the power input of our machine tools using standardized benchmark tables. We have also worked very hard to considerably improve the energy efficiency of our solid-state lasers. We are also proud to have made considerable advances in efficiency in the further development of our power electronics.

Efficient machining processes for our customers

In our view, it's always the overall balance of the application that counts. TRUMPF engineering primarily involves the processing of metals which require a lot of energy to manufacture. The precision and process stability that we strive for with our products result in lower levels of materials and fewer rejects. Furthermore, various machine features help our customers to fully utilize their material.

TRUMPF makes it possible
Energy and air conditioning technology

Thanks to our products, our customers can, in turn, offer resource-efficient solutions. Laser technology opens up new possibilities for lightweight construction which can, for example, lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in aerospace or automotive construction. Our power electronics also help in the creation of environmentally-friendly technologies: whether architectural glass with optimized insulating properties, solar modules or batteries for storing renewable energy

Supply chain – responsibility beyond company limits

High-bay warehouse

We also place similar expectations on our business partners as we work together with them. We place great value on responsible, sustainable and conscious behavior across their business activities. Our supplier's code of conduct, which applies worldwide, ensures that we meet our social and sustainability responsibilities throughout the supply chain.

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