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TruTool FCN 250

Fiber Composite Nibbler

Versatile, unique cutting

The benefits of nibbling technology can now also be utilized for a wide range of fiber composite materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, or even aramid fiber composite materials. With the TruTool FCN 250 Fiber Composite Nibbler, you will be able to cut components with a material thickness of up to 2.5 millimeters. The machine can be used in all industries where lightweight components  are used – from the sport and leisure industry, to prototype manufacturing, right through to the aviation and aerospace and automotive industries.

Broad application spectrum

The Fiber Composite Nibbler enables you to process CFRP, GFRP, AFRP, thermosetting plastics, and thermo plastics.

Health conscious working

Minimal dust and no smoke during processing.

Exceptional cut quality

No delamination or fraying during the slitting process.

Complete processing freedom

You can cut flexibly in any direction you need due to the 360° tool.

TruTool FCN 250

TruTool FCN 250

With the Fiber Composite Nibbler you can cut all types of fiber composite materials cleanly, precisely, and flexibly.

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