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Profitable due to flexible panel bending technology from TRUMPF

The business model of the sheet metal processor, Bickel, from Obererdingen, Germany is focused on solutions for custom-made products. This wasn't always the case – it was the extremely versatile TruBend Center from TRUMPF that allowed the team to stop taking on series orders with low margins.

A pioneer in panel bending

Bickel was the first customer worldwide to use a TruBend Center from TRUMPF. The flexibility of the panel bending technology opened up entirely new production possibilities to the Obererdingen-based company. Its new machine allowed the sheet metal processor to specialize in customized solutions for custom-made products, which are significantly more profitable compared to earlier series production orders from the company. Even in the event of malfunctions, no machine stands idle for long due to the swift TRUMPF service network.

Unrivalled part variety

TRUMPF is the only company in the industry to provide an additional height axis on the part manipulator. This allows Bickel to produce components with negative folds and very narrow profiles easily. Even just the standard tools from the TruBend Center enable the company to produce a large variety of formats and shapes. "This has also inspired our cooperation partners to use modern designs," states CEO, Jürgen Bickel.

Processing perforated sheets

Bickel Blechtechnik has been using the first TruBend Center 5030 from TRUMPF since December 2014. Ever since then it has ensured an as yet unrivalled variety of parts. A good solution for processing perforated sheets – suction cups with flexible positioning or optional magnet holders fix the sheet metal in place so that it cannot move.