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TruLaser 1030 fiber
TruLaser 1030 fiber
2D laser cutting machines

TruLaser 1030 fiber

Affordable and user-friendly compact machine

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    Versatile space-saver for beginners

    The TruLaser 1030 fiber is the ideal entry-level machine for high-quality 2D laser cutting. It enables laser cutting without extensive training. The setup time is minimal. With the single-cutting-head strategy, a wide range of materials and sheet thicknesses can be cut reliably and economically with one cutting head – without having to change the cutting head.

    Low investment and operating costs

    Save space and money: The TruDisk laser and the units are integrated into the machine.

    Particularly simple operation

    The intuitive operating concept adapts to the knowledge of the operator.

    Powerful and reliable

    Productive and reliable due to the TruDisk solid-state laser, single-cutting-head strategy, and PierceLine.

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    Material range

    All standard materials, including non-ferrous sheet metal, can be cut safely and flawlessly.

    Low space requirements

    Due to the compact installation, the machine takes up hardly any space, and the operator can keep an eye on everything.

    An inexpensive entry into laser welding

    The TruDisk solid-state laser can be used in the TRUMPF LaserNetwork with a laser welding cell.

    TruLaser 1030 fiber – entry into the world of laser cutting
    Sample part, sheet 1-20 mm

    1-20 mm sheet

    The TruLaser 1030 fiber cuts a wide range of sheet thicknesses (0.04 to 0.8 in.).

    Laser cutting with lots of piercing

    Lots of piercing

    The TruLaser 1030 fiber also makes easy work of contours with lots of piercing. Its laser pierces the sheet considerably faster and saves time during each piercing process. Burrs are avoided. This means you increase your productivity and manufacturing quality considerably.

    Sample parts from non-ferrous metals

    Non-ferrous metals

    The TruLaser 1030 fiber cuts thin stainless steel and mild steel particularly cost-effectively in a fusion cutting process. It also processes aluminum, highly reflective materials such as copper and brass, as well as film-coated stainless steel.

    TruLaser 1030 fiber
    Length 7800 mm
    Width 2800 mm
    Height 2900 mm
    Maximum speed  
    Simultaneous 85 m/min
    Working range  
    X axis 3000 mm
    Y axis 1500 mm
    Max. workpiece weight 720 kg
    Laser-specific data - TruDisk 2001  
    Max. laser output 2000 W
    Max. sheet thickness, mild steel 16 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, stainless steel 8 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, aluminum 6 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, copper 3 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, brass 3 mm
    Laser-specific data - TruDisk 3001  
    Max. laser output 3000 W
    Max. sheet thickness, mild steel 20 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, stainless steel 16 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, aluminum 12 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, copper 4 mm
    Max. sheet thickness, brass 4 mm
    Consumption values  
    Average power input in production - TruDisk 2001 11 kW
    Average power input in production - TruDisk 3001 13 kW
    PDF <1MB
    Technical data sheet

    The technical data of all product versions as a download.

    With its integrated machine concept consisting of the TruDisk laser and units, numerous handy functions as well as low investment and operating costs, the TruLaser 1030 fiber provides you with an easy introduction to the world of laser cutting.

    Affordable introduction to laser cutting

    Single-cutting-head strategy

    All sheet thicknesses can be processed using just one cutting head – without replacing the cutting head. The focal position is automatically adjusted to the material and sheet thickness. This considerably reduces setup times and ensures more productivity.

    TruLaser 1030 fiber, collision protection
    Collision protection

    Collision protection for your cutting head guarantees the highest process reliability. In the event of collisions, the cutting head redirects mechanically, effectively avoiding damage. The head can be quickly brought back to its starting position; you can continue cutting without long idle times.


    Intuitive user interface

    The intuitive operating concept of the TruLaser Series 1030 fiber is simple and easy to learn. This helps you keep training time to a minimum.

    Everything in view from the control panel

    With its compact design, the machine does not take up much space. The entire work area is clearly visible with complete safety ensured, meaning that the operator always has a view of the cutting process and the pallet changer.

    Easy shop floor programming

    Load the data for prototype parts onto the machine from a USB flash drive - you can start cutting in just a few clicks.

    Operation on two different levels

    At the beginner level, only those buttons which are specifically required for fast part cutting are visible. This enables you to operate the TruLaser 1030 fiber safely, even if you have never worked with a laser processing machine before. At the professional level, you can easily adjust all of the technology values yourself.

    Process reliability

    TRUMPF cutting data

    Cutting data developed by TRUMPF for all materials and sheet thicknesses is provided with the machine. This means you can work highly efficiently right from the start.


    With PierceLine, a sensor reliably monitors and controls the piercing process, which saves material, preserves the machine, increases the part quality, and shortens the piercing time by up to 80%.

    TruDisk 3000
    TruDisk 2001 or TruDisk 3001

    Different lasers are available for your laser cutting machine depending on the power required: The TruDisk 2001 with 2 kW or the TruDisk 3001 with 3 kW. The TruDisk laser also masters cutting of highly reflective materials such as copper and brass.

    TruTops Boost

    TruTops Boost

    Construct and program your laser, punching, and combined punch laser machines intelligently with TruTops Boost, your all-in-one 3D solution. Numerous automated processes save you time-consuming routine processes and the joint nesting pool saves time and material. You also always have an overview of all manufacturing orders and order-based work.

    TruTops Monitor

    TruTops Monitor

    Reduce your idle time. Record and analyze machine data, including idle states, error messages, causes of malfunctions, and maintenance periods for all of your production workplaces. If an idle state or a malfunction occurs, TruTops Monitor will inform you immediately about the cause, allowing you to respond quickly.

    Software process cycle


    The extensive range of TruTops software supports you throughout the entire production process. Control your operational workflow in a simple and targeted manner, from managing your customer orders and purchasing processes to delivery of the produced parts. Through the direct coupling with the machine control, you can keep a constant eye on the status of your orders.

    The semi-automatic or fully automatic pallet changer makes working with the TruLaser 1030 fiber even easier.

    TruLaser 1030 fiber

    Pallet changer

    With the semi-automatic pallet changer without light barrier, you can safely replace pallets with a two-hand operation.

    With the fully-automatic pallet changer, you can replace pallets ergonomically and automatically as a result of the light barrier, as the operator no longer needs to press the buttons using both hands.

    This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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