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CFRP / GFRP nibbler

TruTool FCN 250

CFRP / GFRP nibbler

TruTool FCN 250

Ideal for trimming cuts along a scribed line

CFRP / GFRP nibbler

TruTool FCN 250

Even cuts aramid

Clean, precise, flexible

Manual cutting of fiber composite materials poses a real challenge in terms of precision and clean cutting edges. This often results in fraying and delamination. Additionally, cutting material can produce smoke and dust which poses a health hazard. Using the first nibbler for cutting fiber composite materials of all types makes these challenges a thing of the past. The 360° tool means that the machine can be rotated on the spot. This allows you to quickly and precisely process three dimensional workpieces as well as inaccessible areas, and always have a clear view of the cutting line. The machine also stands out due to its excellent performance on curves. The machine is ready to use fast. No setting work is required. You also work without feed force, which makes for swift, effortless work.

Chips and minimal dust

Nibbling produces only very little dust. This preserves health and increases occupational safety.

No delamination or fraying

With the TruTool FCN 250 you can cut with excellent dimensional accuracy and achieve a clean cutting edge.

Compact, lightweight, and ergonomic

The TruTool FCN 250 rests comfortably in the hand as it weighs only about 1.8 kg and features optimal weight distribution. You work without feed force and so reduce the force required to a minimum. This makes work swift and effortless.

Change without tools

You can change dies and punches quickly without additional tools.

Video on the area of application: TruTool FCN 250
TruTool FCN 250, dimensional drawing

Range of applications

TruTool FCN 250 cuts all types of fiber composite materials. The cut geometry and cutting tools of the machine have been specially designed for these demanding materials and provide perfect results. The TruTool FCN 250 is very versatile. Application examples include cutting straight materials, trimming cuts along scribed lines, curve and template cutting.

More meters, lower costs

The punch and die achieve an exceptionally high service life through the use of extremely hard cutting materials. This negates the need for a costly diamond coating, leading to a comparative drop in costs for consumables. This makes the process an economically efficient solution with cost savings of up to 50% per meter, in comparison to conventional processes. For example, with a material thickness of 2 mm you can cut about 150 meters with the punch and about 300 meters with the die before they need to be replaced.

Chips and virtually no dust

The punched material comes out in the form of chips, which can be swept up without kicking up dust. There is also the option of having the chips discharged directly via a compact dust extractor. In comparison to competitor processes, nibbling produces only very little dust. This considerably increases occupational safety and comfort at work.

The following consumables and the corresponding accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

Standard punch (integrated)
1 unit 2306491
Standard die (integrated)
1 unit 2307263
Tool (integrated)
1 unit 2307264
Standard punch guide (integrated)
1 unit 2306496
1 unit 1763681

Find the right consumables and accessories for your machine here.

Die, assembly, CFRP

Specifically for processing high-strength CFRP materials

Set of 2  2507645
1 unit  2507647
CFRP set

2 x CFRP punch, 1 x CFRP die

CFRP set  2507342
Die for suction system

Set of 1  2322870
Set of 2  2322881
Punch, assy., CFRP

Specifically for processing high-strength CFRP materials

Set of 5  2507572
1 unit  2507647
Standard punch

Set of 1  2306491
Set of 5  2306492
Punch guide for template cutting

1 unit  2322882
Standard die

Set of 1  2307263
Set of 2  2306494
Die for suction system CFRP

Specifically for processing high-strength CFRP materials

1 unit  2507649
Set of 2  2507650

2 x standard punches, 1 x standard die

Set of 1  2306495
Standard punch guide

1 unit  2306496
Compact dust extractor for chip

Hose, die, connector

1 unit  2294435

Punch guide, punch, die

1 unit  2307264

1 unit  1763681
viewport test images /w Retina support

viewport test images /w Retina support

TruTool FCN 250
Maximum material thickness, fibre composites  
Maximum material thickness 2.5 mm
Smallest radius 4.3 mm
Working speed (max.) 1.9 m/min
Nominal power consumption 550 W
Starting hole diameter 17 mm
Length 267 mm
Height 155 mm
Weight 1.8 kg

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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