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TruTool N 160 | TRUMPF

TruTool N 160


TruTool N 160

Even cuts trapezoidal sheets up to a depth of 40 mm

Attractive starter model with high working speed

Whether it's flat sheets or corrugated sheets, the compact TruTool N 160 nibbler cuts sheet steel up to 1.6 mm thick extremely quickly and precisely without any flying sparks. The cuts produced have no distortion or corrosion. You can also use the optional extension to easily extend the range of applications at any time, including the processing of deep profiles. The ergonomic design, low weight of the machine, and soft grip all ensure that the machine is very easy to use.

Attractive starter model

The TruTool N 160 stands out with its impressive price-performance ratio.

Compact, lightweight, and ergonomic

The TruTool N 160 fits comfortably in your hand with its weight of 1.5 kg and an optimal grip circumference.

For optimum performance on curves

The cutting tool can be rotated in 8 steps of 45° without tools.

Change without tools

You can change dies and punches quickly without additional tools.

Long service life

The rotating punch reduces wear by ensuring the tool wears down evenly.

Ergonomic design: the soft grip

The soft grip minimizes vibrations and means you can work without getting tired.

Nibblers: Video on the area of application
TruTool N 160, dimensional drawing

TruTool N 160, Dünnblechmatrize
Ideal for cutting thin metal

You even achieve optimum results when processing sheets measuring between 0.5 mm and 1 mm thick.

Perfectly compatible: the extension

The battery-powered and electric versions of the TruTool N 160 have an identical design to the battery-powered and electric models of the TruTool N 160 with extension. This means that the tool is compatible and can optionally be upgraded with an extension.

Flat sheet

For cutting straight sheets and trimming them to length. For notches, as well as radial and interior cutouts.


Corrugated sheet

For trimming to length and cutting. For diagonal cuts, interior cutouts, and radial cuts.

The following consumables and the corresponding accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

TruTool N 160, standard punch
Standard punch

1 unti 2260177

TruTool N 160, standard die
Standard die

1 unti 2260178

TruTool N 160, TRUMPF Box S1

1 unti 1763681

Find the right consumables and accessories for your machine here.

TruTool N 160, punch

1 unit  2260177
Set of 5  1264083
Set of 10  1264084
TruTool N 160, die

For processing steel 57,000 with sheet thickness 0.039 - 0.06 in.

1 unit  2260178
Set of 2  2260560
Set of 5  1264088
TruTool N160, punch set

2 x punch and 1 x die

Set of 1  141723
TruTool N 160, extension

For deeper profile sheets

TruTool N200, Spänksack
Chip bag

To collect chips

1 unit  2498167

1 unit  1763681
Maximum sheet thicknesses  
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 400 N/mm² 1.6 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 600 N/mm² 1 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, steel 800 N/mm² 0.7 mm
Maximum sheet thickness, aluminum up to 250 N/mm² 2 mm
Smallest radius 24 mm
Working speed 2.4 m/min
Stroke rate at nominal load 2070 1/min
Starting hole diameter 22 mm
Nominal input power 350 W
Weight without cable 1.5 kg

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