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TruPlasma RF Series 3024 / 3012 / 3006 radio frequency generators
TruPlasma RF Series 3024 / 3012 / 3006 radio frequency generators
Plasma excitation
TRUMPF Hüttinger

TruPlasma RF Series 3000

RF technology without compromises

Guarantees for excellent process results

With these RF generators you can rest assured the TruPlasma RF Series 3000 stands out for its robust design and high efficiency. This means it is best suited for stable reproducible plasma processes, such as those used during the production of semi-conductors, photovoltaic cells, or flat screens. Installed in thousands of applications around the world, these generators guarantee a high level of productivity and excellent process results.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Efficiency of up to 80% enables energy costs to be decreased by up to 50%.

Excellent RF arc management

Safe operation, even of demanding and new processes.

Extremely robust and high process stability

CombineLine technology: Reliable protection against reflected power in the event of mismatch.

Maximum flexibility

Continuous or pulsed power output results in diverse applications.

Perfectly suited to etching and coating processes

Etching and coating processes

TruPlasma RF Series 3000 radio frequency generators are particularly well-suited for etching and coating processes, such as plasma etching, reactive ion etching, ALD and PECVD.

Perfect for the coating of metal workpieces

Coating of metal workpieces

Plasma processes can be used to both apply and remove material to and from surfaces; for example, applying a wear-protection coating to metal workpieces, or structuring electronic components using plasma etching or photo lacquer plasma incineration.

First-rate power supply for the coating of flat screens

Coating of flat screens and photovoltaic cells

TruPlasma RF Series 3000 RF generators are perfectly suited for plasma processes such as reactive-ion etching (RIE), atomic layer deposition (ALD), plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), and RF sputtering. These processes are used for the coating of flat screens and photovoltaic cells, amongst others.

TruPlasma RF 3012
TruPlasma RF 3020
TruPlasma RF 3024
RF output      
Output power 12 kW 20 kW 24 kW
Rated output 12 kW 20 kW 24 kW
Nominal load impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω 50 Ω
Output frequency 13.56 MHz 13.56 MHz 13.56 MHz
Network connection data      
Line voltage 400 - 480 V 400 - 480 V 400 - 480 V
Line frequency 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz
Network input power 16.6 kVA 28.1 kVA 33.3 kVA
Power factor 0.93 0.93 0.93
Communication interfaces      
Sync interfaces Yes Yes Yes
Analog/digital Yes Yes Yes
RS 232 / RS 485 Yes Yes Yes
EtherCAT Yes Yes Yes
DeviceNet Yes Yes Yes
Weight 57 kg 117 kg 117 kg
IP protection class 20 20 20
Cooling requirements      
Max. water pressure 7 bar 7 bar 7 bar
Min. pressure differential 2 bar 2 bar 2 bar
Min. flow rate 10 l/min 20 l/min 20 l/min
Coolant temperature 5 °C - 35 °C 1 5 °C - 35 °C 5 °C - 35 °C 1
Overall efficiency 78 % 75 % 75 %
Certificates / standards SEMI F47, CE, RoHs SEMI F47, CE, RoHs SEMI F47, CE, RoHs
Ambient conditions      
Outside temperature 5 °C - 40 °C 5 °C - 40 °C 5 °C - 40 °C
Humidity 5 % - 85 % 5 % - 85 % 5 % - 85 %
Barometric pressure 79.5 kPa - 106 kPa 79.5 kPa - 106 kPa 79.5 kPa - 106 kPa
Integrated CombineLine technology

Highest efficiency and process stability

As a result of its excellent efficiency, this generator boasts half of the power loss and a reduction in required cooling water, enabling you to minimize your operating costs. The extremely robust generator design enables longer operating times, even for critical processes, and thus higher coating rates. Plasma fluctuations are effectively prevented as a result of CombineLine technology with true 50 ohm output impedance – ensuring absolutely stable processes.

TruPlasma RF 3012 radio frequency generator

Safety under all circumstances

The robust design ensures the maximum reliability and productivity of your processes. 100% mismatch protection guarantees secure operation, even during critical loads. Optional continuous or pulsed power output supports a broad array of process requirements. More than 20,000 units are already installed around the world – more than any other plasma power supply.

TruPlasma RF_Systemport

TRUMPF SystemPort

SystemPort enables closed loop control through the measurement of the RF signal directly at the input and output of the matchbox. All measured values are available to the RF generator. This means all the process parameters can be better monitored, the matchbox protected, and early arc detection guaranteed. The entire RF system can therefore be controlled via a single generator interface.

Various options allow optimal adjustment of the RF generator to your application.

Arc management

The well-grounded arc management is the ideal module for optimized plasma process control. Targeted arc detection guarantees the highest productivity possible, while protecting the product and the system at the same time.

User-friendly software TruControl Power

TruControl Power

The user-friendly TruControl Power, control software, enables the convenient start-up and secure monitoring of the RF generator or the entire TRUMPF RF system during current processes.

All components of the TRUMPF RF System are perfectly matched.

RF system solution: Matchbox for the highest process stability
TruPlasma Match Series 1000 (G2/13)

TruPlasma Match matchboxes ensure an optimal transfer of power from the generator to the plasma discharge. The matchbox can be operated independently or via an intelligent generator/matchbox connection, the so-called SystemPort.

Master oscillator for the stabilization of critical synchronous plasma processes
Master oscillators

Master oscillators can be used to stabilize and optimize critical synchronous plasma processes. An integrated, digital frequency and phase synthesizer ensures excellent frequency and phase stability and supports the adjustment of the phase position with a very small increment. Various master oscillator designs for the frequency 13.56 MHz as well as different frequency combinations are available.

RF switches for the use of an RF generator at flexible plasma systems
RF switch

An RF switch supports the multiple use of an RF generator at various plasma process stations, for example, for providing power to sequential processes, or on systems with various feed points. Various RF switches are available in two power classes and with 2, 3, or 4 outputs.

Coaxial cable for the transfer of the specified power
Coaxial cable

TRUMPF Hüttinger offers coaxial cables that are specifically designed for operation in 50-ohm systems for RF power transmission.

Generator and matchbox: A perfectly matched system solution

Perfectly matched: generator and matchbox

Plasma processes behave like a complex, variable load, to which the power supply from the generator needs to be continually adjusted. Active matchboxes handle this task, ensuring precise adjustment to the optimal impedance of 50 ohms at all times. The result is a perfectly matched system solution, the TRUMPF RF System. The generator and matchbox can be easily integrated into your existing process environment via various interfaces, including EtherCAT. You can also gain an optimized system solution through an intelligent generator/matchbox connection, the so-called SystemPort.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

  • The cooling water temperature must exceed the dew point of the room air temperature to ensure no condensation.

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