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VCSEL heating systems

VCSEL infrared power systems

High power for industrial heating

VCSEL infrared power systems

Beam sources based on VCSEL arrays are able to heat large surfaces with directed wavelength-selective infrared radiation. These VCSEL heating systems are used in numerous industrial heating processes. Due to direct irradiation of the treatment surface, significant cost benefits can be achieved compared to conventional laser systems, without expensive optics or scanner systems. The unique thing about the systems is that, in addition to the precise control and fast switch-over of the infrared output, the spatial heating profile can also be programmed as needed through independent control of small segments of the laser modules. The heating patterns can even change dynamically during operation. This enables unparalleled process flexibility.

Scalable power

Benefit from a scalable output power in the kW range.

High power density

Achieve a high process speed with irradiance of 100 W/cm².

Can be controlled precisely

Individual emission zones of the VCSEL beam source can be controlled independently of one another.

Simple integration

The robust and compact laser modules can be integrated easily into industrial systems and production processes.

Large-area heat treatment

Benefit from direct and homogenous heat treatment of large target areas, as well as from a high tolerance to back-reflections. Due to the high irradiance of over 100 W/cm², you can achieve high process speeds.

Flexible control of the heating profile

Enjoy the benefits of precise regulation of the heating power and free control of the heating profile in a longitudinal direction.

Fast joining of large plastic parts in furniture board production

Benefit from quick welding of large plastic parts due to high irradiance in the homogenously irradiated heating zone. Integration is very easy due to the small dimensions of the module.

Local softening of body steel in the automotive industry

VSCEL heating modules make it quick and easy to selectively soften high-tensile steel parts. This has many benefits, particularly in automotive production.


2.4-kW VCSEL industrial heating module


4.8-kW VCSEL industrial heating module


9.6-kW VCSEL industrial heating module

TRUMPF photonics composite manufacturing


2.0 kW VCSEL with concentration optics and two protective front glasses

TRUMPF photonics laser edge working


4.8 kW flat module for confined spaces

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