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What does a laser blanking system look like?

The TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition by TRUMPF is the highly productive, flexible laser blanking system for continuous cutting of coil material. Equipped with an ARKU precision leveler, the ARKU belt system and TRUMPF laser combine for an entire turnkey system with many advantages for customers. Together with SIEMENS, an innovative control system has been developed – from coil unfolding, leveling, and laser cutting to fully integrated, robot-based component removal. The entire system programming up to robot removal is done by TruTops Boost.

At a glance: The coil-fed laser blanking system from TRUMPF

1. Decoiler

The decoiler an take coils weighing up to 25 t, corresponding to several kilometers of material depending on the inside and outside diameter of the coil.

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2. Precision leveling system

The precision leveling system from ARKU guarantees highest cutting quality thanks to ideally leveled material. The high leveling quality also ensures robust component removal.

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3. Strip storage loop

The strip storage loop decouples the cutting process from the coil supply and ensures the highest surface quality. This avoids leveling marks.

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4. TruLaser cutting cell with TruDisk, including conveyor belt

The proven laser cutting technology and standard machine from the TruLaser family, combined with a newly developed conveyor system, ensures highly productive material transport during the simultaneous material loading and unloading process.

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5. Automated robot unloading

The robot is fully integrated in the control architecture and removes and stacks the components fully automatically and safely. The operator does not need any prior knowledge of robot programming.

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6. Scrap disposal

Small separating cuts are already made in the scrap skeleton during the cutting process. The scrap skeleton can then simply be disposed of.

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With short setup times and high availability, you benefit from high efficiency over the entire system service life. The system is characterized by compact design, high speeds, higher process reliability, and short coil changing times. Laser cuts can be optimally nested on strip material, reducing scrap. This saves you up to 15% on material costs. Whether steel, stainless steel or aluminum – many different materials can be processed. Coils up to 20 t can be accommodated as standard, 25 t and a width of 2150 mm are possible as options.

Precision leveling system

The CoilMaster 50 precision leveler from ARKU delivers consistently good leveling results for robust laser cutting. Coil material from 0 up to 4 mm in thickness is supported as standard, whether steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Even higher-strength steels can be processed with the nine leveling rollers. During roller leveling, the coil material passes through alternating bends, flattening it and relieving tension. The component can then be cut safely and then removed from the scrap skeleton.

Strip storage loop

The hydraulically controlled strip storage bridge supplies the laser cutting cell with material, decoupling the material feed cutting process and the strip system. The belt speed in the strip system is reduced to a minimum, but never stopped. This avoids the risk of surface damage to the strip. The strip feed rollers integrated in the strip storage transport the strip material to the laser cutting cell at up to 40 m per minute. 

TruLaser cutting cell with TruDisk, including conveyor belt

The heart of the laser blanking system is a proven TruLaser cutting machine. The coil material is transported linearly through the machine, reducing non-productive times by a factor of up to 2.5. This is made possible by a support belt newly developed by TRUMPF. While the new material is transported in, the processed material – including scrap – simultaneously moves out. This increases the entire system productivity many times over.

Automated robot unloading

One or, optionally, two robots enable parallel to production unloading and repeatable stacking. The complete integration of the robot kinematics into the control architecture eliminates the need for robot-specific programming expertise. The position of the components is already determined during programming or nesting of the cutting parts in TruTops Boost. This way, the robot immediately knows where the components to be removed are located.

Scrap disposal

Small separating cuts are already made in the scrap skeleton during the cutting process. In this way, the scrap skeleton breaks into smaller pieces during removal and can be disposed of in a cost-efficient manner. The scrap conveyor can transport scrap out of the machine in three directions as required - either directly out or via a transverse conveyor belt to the left or right. This way, scrap removal can be integrated into the customer's scrap logistics.

TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition - Technical data

The technical data as a download

In practice: For which applications is a coil-fed laser blanking system suitable?

Not only is TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition ideal for sheet metal processing job shoppers with larger lot sizes, but the laser blanking system from TRUMPF also plays to its strengths in many applications for high-volume manufacturers.

Was your application not mentioned? We would be happy to advise you!

Would you also like to cut from coils and profit from tool-free laser cutting? We would be happy to advise you for a specific laser cutting solution. Just get in touch with us. 


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