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A machine with features: TruPrint 5000 with 500°C preheating and exchangeable cylinder principle

As a semi-automated, medium-format machine, the TruPrint 5000 features an industrial exchangeable cylinder principle combined with substrate plate preheating of up to 500°C. This saves you money. Fast cylinder exchange - despite the 500°C hot component inside - means the cylinder cools down outside the machine in a cooling station. The TruPrint 5000 instantly prints the next build job, increasing the productivity of your 3D printer.

How you benefit from the TruPrint 5000

Higher quality components

High preheating temperatures significantly reduce internal part stress, especially when the part has changes in volumes. Component defects are reduced by up to 95%.

New materials

The TruPrint 5000 and optional preheating of up to 500°C enable special materials to be processed.

No machine downtimes

The industrial exchangeable cylinder principle ensures high machine availability and virtually no costly cooling down times.

Fewer support structures

The fewer supports required significantly reduce manual reworking. This considerably reduces production costs.

Just keep on producing: What makes the integrated exchangeable cylinder principle so unique?

Gain a competitive edge by using our quick exchangeable build cylinder. The hot component cools down in the closed cylinder outside the machine in a cooling station - under constant shielding gas and monitored by smart monitoring options. High machine availability and continuous build processes are ensured not just by quick change build cylinders, but also by quick change powder cylinders to enable additive manufacturing to continue. This reduces idle states and non-productive times and increases 3D printer productivity.

Our additive manufacturing expert explains how 500°C preheating function works

Live action: Experience for yourself how error-free printing works - in our virtual additive manufacturing showroom!

Do you want convincing of the many benefits of our TruPrint 5000 with optional 500°C preheating and industrial part and powder management? Then register now for a machine demonstration in the virtual showroom.

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