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Transparency with real-time locating systems (RTLS)

Complex internal processes, fluctuating order volumes, decreasing quantities and different parts – the entire logistics sector is faced with bigger and bigger challenges. On top of that, worldwide disturbances to supply chains and an increasing shortage in personnel are current problems. Almost every branch is affected: From the production industry to health and transport to the retail sector. A key leverage point in optimizing these processes is transparency, which is not only limited to the particular building, but includes the entire supply chain: where are the idle times? How high are the search times and where are they incurred? How can the interaction between AGV/AMR and employees be set up as safely as possible to prevent any collisions?

Location data generated by real-time locating systems (RTLS) can give you the answers to these questions. TRUMPF Tracking Technologies uses the open industry standard omlox to provide interoperable solutions.

Using the omlox-compatible and fully flexible RTLS solution makes our logistics processes transparent and reduces search times by approx. 17%. TRUMPF is a pioneer and our preferred provider of the omlox infrastructure, and supports us as a strong ecosystem partner and expert in the field of indoor localization.

Andreas Lange
Manager Logistics Outbound Speyer, MANN+HUMMEL GmbH

So you, too, can put together an omlox-compatible, customized RTLS overall package for your customers

Create flexible localization solutions for the sector of the future with TRUMPF. Find out all details on our offer with flexible combination options, which is based on the world's first open localization standard, omlox, and enables interoperability in a wide ecosystem.

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Location data establishes transparency

Whether for tracking goods or providing a basis for fleet management of automated guided vehicle systems – location data forms the basis for a functioning Smart Factory and for many other sectors which require transparency of their processes. But what exactly are RTLS, localization technologies and standards and how do they interact? omlox forms the interface between the localization infrastructure (satellites) and mobile devices such as tags, vehicles and tools. This means users can freely choose between hardware from various manufacturers.

What is made possible by real-time locating systems

1. Asset Tracking

With Asset Tracking, users can track the utilization of machines/AGVs and access historic transport data and tracks. Users can thus increase productivity and improve capacity utilization.

2. Automated booking

Using triggers and based on geofences, certain events such as automated booking can be activated. Orders can thus be booked automatically as soon as they come into the relevant zone. Factory flow employees are automatically prioritized. This increases productivity while reducing waste, paving the way to a paperless factory.

3. Machine Navigation (AGV)

AGVs can increase and decrease the speed, depending on the distances to employees, for example in order to ensure greater safety on the shop floor.

4. Human Navigation (VR)

Navigation using AR reduces the requirements for employees and makes it easier to find parts and articles. The advantage: less training required for employees and a boost in productivity.

5. Automated Documentation

Automated Documentation makes it possible to automate inventory of equipment and machines. Time and location data of service missions as well as machine adjustments and updates are also documented.

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Developing omlox-compatible solutions for real-time location services (RTLS)

We empower integrators or infrastructure providers to offer flexible complete solutions for real-time location, based on the world's first open location standard omlox. With our future-proof system infrastructure, we make localization easy and cost-effective within the omlox core zone. Including hardware, software, services and consulting.

omlox - A milestone for companies on the road to Industry 4.0

Visit the website to learn all about omlox, the open and interoperable standard that is revolutionizing real-time location.

Synapse image depicting a Smart Factory
Smart Factory – many options, one localization standard

TRUMPF is your partner on the path to a Smart Factory, paved by the omlox open location standard. Until your production works the way you want it to.

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