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Induction evaporation

Typisches Anwendungsgebiet der TruHeat MF Serie 3000 5000 7000: Epitaxie

Induction evaporation is generally performed in a vacuum. The material to be evaporated is heated in a suitable container (crucible or combustion boat) with strong HF currents.The wafers are placed inside the dome. The crucible with the liquid coated material is located below them. Due to the vacuum, the coating particles move from the source to the substrate in almost a straight line.


Leistungsstarker Induktionsgenerator: TruHeat MF 5040
TruHeat MF Series 3000 / 5000 / 7000

Precise power for unbeatable heating efficiency

Mittelfrequenzgenerator der TruHeat MF Serie 7000 (G2) für induktive Erwärmung
TruHeat MF Series 7000 (G2)

The combination makes it unique


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