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Plasma Cleaning

Spotless clean through Plasma Treatment

Zur Aufbringung dünnster Metallschichten ideal geeignet

Efficient, environmentally friendly and safe: Driven by high-quality requirements, plasma cleaning has established itself as an alternative process for cleaning surfaces.

Instead of using hydrocarbons or solutions containing water, a gaseous mixture (the plasma) can be used for cleaning. Substances such as oil, grease, wax and silicon can be completely removed in low-pressure plasma facilities. Thin oxide or sulfide films on metal are also reduced in these facilities. The treatment temperatures are usually below 100°C.


TruPlasma RF 1003: Hochfrequenzgenerator für maximale Produktivität
TruPlasma RF Series 1000 / 3000 (G2/13)

Stable processes for maximum productivity

Hochfrequenzgenerator TruPlasma RF 3024
TruPlasma RF Series 3000

RF technology without compromises

Bipolar-Generator TruPlasma Bipolar 4040
TruPlasma Bipolar Series 4000 (G2)

Maximum power on a flexible wave

Gepulster Generator der TruPlasma DC Serie 4000
TruPlasma DC Series 4000

Crystal clear: pulsed processes for perfect surfaces

TruPlasma DC 4040 (G2)
TruPlasma DC Series 4000 (G2)

Pulsed processes for brilliant surfaces

Gleichstrom-Generator TruPlasma DC 3040
TruPlasma DC Series 3000 (G2)

Perfection for all surfaces

Gleichstrom-Generator für anspruchsvolle Plasmaprozesse: TruPlasma DC 3010
TruPlasma DC Series 3000

Compact and reliable


Klaus Nock
Plasma Sales
Fax +49 761 89711150

Klaus Nock
Plasma Sales
Fax +49 761 89711150
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