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Fabian Brechlin, IT consultant at TRUMPF in Ditzingen, Germany, is establishing a new way of working.

Fabian Brechlin finds sentences such as "But we've always done it like that" pretty stupid. The young IT consultant has worked at TRUMPF developing solutions for new software programs since he graduated from high school in 2012. He is fascinated by the digital world and enjoys turning methods completely upside down. But he also knows that not everyone can be as enthusiastic as he is. This is why he has made this his task as the interface between the departments and IT at TRUMPF. "I can have great ideas but if people don't get involved, then it will fail."

Getting people enthusiastic about innovation

In his current project, Fabian Brechlin is supporting Change Management with the topic of "the workplace of the future" at TRUMPF. The challenge here is controlling communication across all TRUMPF sites centrally via the cloud. With his team, Fabian Brechlin is therefore playing a considerable part in developing the workplace of the future. He asks himself questions such as: How can I get all the data to the cloud? What do the conference rooms of the future look like? And: How do I get the users there? The aim is to make a positive change to the way in which the TRUMPF sites collaborate across the globe internally, but also to the exchange with external partners, simplifying work processes at the same time.

"Anyone with the courage to make lots of changes, also gets a lot of attention"

Fabian Brechlin is supporting a pilot project on the topic of the workplace of the future at TRUMPF. Many things cannot be planned or predicted - it is more the case that they develop in line with the motto: If something works well, it will soon catch on! But TRUMPF trusts in Fabian Brechlin's idea of re-shaping the work form of the future. Also because the young man was right behind his idea from the start. In terms of the future, with a strong team at his side, Fabian Brechlin hopes to make daily working life easier around the globe, using innovative solutions and technologies. 

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