Rapid panel bending with the new TruBend Center 7030

Drive concept boosts productivity // Makes tool changes up to 70 percent faster // Option available to load and unload machine automatically

Ditzingen, January 31, 2019 – The new TruBend Center 7030 bends parts up to 30 percent faster than its predecessor – and its tool change cycles are up to 70 percent quicker. For the first time, TRUMPF has also included the option of equipping the panel bender with a loading and unloading station. Panel bending machines such as the TruBend Center 7030 are particularly adept at fabricating complex parts with radius bends, short side lengths, and narrow profiles. When it comes to producing parts with these kinds of specifications, this alternative bending technology is quicker than die bending machines. TRUMPF has focused on making the TruBend Center 7030 faster than ever. The engineers achieved this by splitting the machine's drive unit into two parts. Instead of equipping the machine with just one central hydraulic cylinder, the new design features one cylinder on the left, and one on the right. That increases axis velocity, and boosts the machine's productivity. The new on-demand servo drive also saves energy by only running the motor when the machine actually needs it.

Automated loading and unloading

The operator can stack various piles of metal blanks on the right-hand side of the machine. A suction cup initiates the automated loading process by picking up a sheet whilst simultaneously checking that it has not taken two by mistake. This gripper device deposits the blank on a brush table, with a positioning bar ensuring it is aligned correctly. A loading carriage then moves the blank into the machining area, simultaneously removing the most recently bent part from the machining area, and transporting it to a conveyor belt. During this loading and unloading process, the TruBend Center 7030 continues to operate.

Change tools faster – program parts within a matter of seconds

The task of changing bending tools is handled by the ToolMaster. As well as increasing its axis speed, the TRUMPF engineers have also added a feature that allows it to change multiple small tools at the same time. These improvements reduce machine setup time by up to 70 percent. The new TruBend Center 7030 also features the offline TecZone Fold programming solution that enables operators to program many parts in just a few clicks of the mouse. TecZone Fold takes a matter of seconds to generate the bending program and 3D simulation of the parts, including collision monitoring.

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TruBend Center 7030

The latest generation of the TruBend Center 7030 bends parts up to 30 percent faster than its predecessor. This boost in speed stems from its new drives and other features.

Automated loading and unloading

The new TruBend Center 7030 can optionally be equipped with an automated loading and unloading station.

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