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The TruMark marking lasers. As varied as your requirements for products in the medical industry.

TruMark lasers permanently mark medical devices and instruments as well as implants with proverbial surgical precision – completely without contact. Furthermore, TRUMPF marking lasers enable the marking of metallic medical products with a very high contrast and good legibility with the highest resistance to corrosion.

The best marking quality

Since the emergence of marking lasers, the medical technology industry has trusted TruMark products for cases when labeling has to be applied durably and to a high quality. Even delicate marking on sensitive surfaces is possible due to the good focusability of the marking lasers. Short pulse durations in the nano or picosecond range ensure high-quality and permanent marking. Due to the TruTops Mark marking software you can also mark 3D bodies distortion-free with the laser. With the TruMark 6030 you can obtain a processing quality that remains high as a result of the internal power measurement and regulation.

Process reliability

The marking software prepares the marking content in accordance with regulatory specifications and guidelines. This means there is no risk of error due to the manual entry of this data. The image processing system automatically finds the state and position of the marking content on the correct component. Due to the wide range of different lot sizes in the field of medical technology, this means both safe and cost-effective labeling is guaranteed. Due to the high depth of focus, variations in the material thickness and misadjustments in the precise position can be compensated for. The optional, camera-supported VisionLine image processing then checks the marking result and compares it – for example with regard to GS1 code conformity – with the template and evaluates the quality and legibility of the laser marking. As the read-out results are stored in databases, you not only ensure process reliability but also the documentation.

Perfect integration and operation

The TruTops Mark marking software makes laser marking a process that you can control intuitively. It allows the simple programming of processes. Customer and industry-specific solutions can also be realized without problems: Incorporate bar code scanners, integrate databases or prepare variables in accordance with different standards such as GS1, HIBC, and ISBT 128. Furthermore, profit from the option of remote maintenance. The TruMark solutions are already set up for the digital transformation within medical technology production due to numerous communication options such as sensor systems.


Lasermarkiertes Skalpel, UDI Code zur Nachverfolgbarkeit

Scalpel with UDI code

In the production of medical products, traceability is of high importance. This is why contactless black marking plays a prominent role: With the extreme peak pulse power of the TruMark ultrashort pulse lasers, you can create deep black, corrosion-free UDI codes.

Laserschweißen und -schneiden an einem endoskopischen Instrument.


The laser creates scales, labels, and type designations on a stethoscope through local heat input. Depending on the material and energy input, the annealing color changes. The surface remains smooth here, meaning that dirt or germs cannot build up.

Kidney dish

For metals, TruMark marking lasers can bring about a color change up to a deep black color. With this "black marking" kidney dishes made from precious metal, for example, are labeled with a unique traceable corrosion-resistant UDI code (UDI = Unique Device Identification).

TruMark 6030

TruMark 6030 mit Versorgungsgerät und Weltpremieren Flagge
Available from 2018

The new TRUMPF marking laser for flexible marking, even of complex 3D components.

Discover our TruMark product portfolio

Marking lasers

TRUMPF marking lasers, available in a variety of power classes, are the ideal addition to your laser marking systems. Offering the standard wavelengths, they are perfect for engraving, ablation, annealing, discoloration, and foaming.


TruMark, the new marking lasers. As individual as your industry.

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