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TruDisk Pulse, efficient copper welding
TruDisk Pulse, efficient copper welding
Pulsed lasers

TruDisk Pulse

TruDisk Pulse: efficient copper welding

Internal frequency doubling in the resonator of the TruDisk Pulse
Internal frequency doubling in the resonator of the TruDisk Pulse
Pulsed lasers

TruDisk Pulse

Internal frequency doubling to produce the green laser light

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Green light for copper welding

The pulsed high-power laser, TruDisk Pulse, enables you to efficiently weld highly reflective materials, such as copper. Its high absorption rate and high peak pulse power of 4 kW at repetition rates in the millisecond range allow for fast, efficient, and smooth processes, such as spot welding or bonding electronic components. The TruDisk Pulse is based on the proven disk laser technology.

High injection rates

Highly reflective non-ferrous metals absorb green laser light much better than infrared laser light.

Low-spatter welding

Prevent spatter through more uniform heating and a more stable weld pool.

Consistent results

The stable welding process results in more consistent diameters for weld points and weld seams, as well as uniform welding depths.

Oxidized, sandblasted, or highly polished

The application results are achieved irrespective of variations in the material.

Effective copper welding due to the green wavelength of the TruDisk Pulse.
Lasergeschweißte elektrische Kontakte eines Steuergeräts
Peak power with green light

Highly reflective substances, such as copper, absorb green light better than infrared light. As a result, compared with continuous wave lasers you need much less pulse power with the TruDisk Pulse. With a peak pulse power of up to 4 kW, the TruDisk Pulse enables fast, highly efficient welding processes, which is especially important in the electronics sector. Because of the minimal scattered radiation, you can also avoid the need to shield temperature-sensitive electronic components in some cases.

Hohe Reproduzierbarkeit beim Laserschweißen
Minimal spatter formation

With electronic and electrical engineering products, spatter during the welding process can result in short circuits or pores in the weld seam. Due to its high injection rate, the green laser reduces these risks. The material is heated evenly, which results in a more stable weld pool. As a result, there is less spatter. This will help you avoid excessive rejects and cleaning cycles for the system.

TruDisk Pulse, green spot welding in action

Consistent spot welding

Spot welding with the TruDisk Pulse provides especially low-spatter and reproducible results. The diameter and depth of the points remain consistent throughout the process.

TruDisk Pulse, laser welded bonding of two direct copper bonds

Direct copper bonding (DCB)

The TruDisk Pulse can also weld thin materials with no impact on the base. This means that you can process printed circuit boards, for example. Here you can see an application involving the laser-welded bonding of two DCBs.

Laser-welded copper sheet

Various surfaces

Whatever the surface quality, the TruDisk Pulse welds copper seams with consistent quality as a result of the more stable process at a wavelength of 525 nm, and ensures that you will have highly robust production.

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With TRUMPF you have the option to adapt your solid-state laser to your installation and operating situation with flexibility. This applies, for example, to all beam guidance components and the control. You also have several options for the cooling water supply. Interfaces for different optics are provided right from the start. To save costs, your beam source can supply several work stations at the same time. The TRUMPF Remote Service helps ensure your system remains available, anywhere and at any time.

Flexible, integrated beam guidance elements

In addition to the beam source itself, you can choose from an extensive selection of optical components such as beam switches and other accessories. These enable you to, for example, implement time and energy sharing concepts to optimize the utilization of your laser.

TRUMPF laser network

With the laser network, you can connect one or more lasers with up to two work stations in each case. In the process, your laser either splits its power to multiple stations, or it supplies them by taking turns with full power. The overall availability of your manufacturing systems will increase as a result due to simple redundancy concepts.

Convenient and flexible control

The TruDisk Pulse can be equipped with virtually all standard fieldbus interfaces for control and actuation. The following are also available: real-time interface, parallel digital I/O, interface for process sensor systems, OPC UA software interface, and analog input boards.

Interface for intelligent optics

Intelligent optics can be synchronized with your laser via a dedicated interface. For example, the CFO focusing optics or PFO scanner optics can be used optimally for your purposes. Programming of the processing optics is performed via the user-friendly laser control system, so there is no need for additional computers or control systems.

Programmierbare Fokussieroptik PFO 33
Intelligent bis zum Werkstück

In the event of an error, TRUMPF service experts will remotely access your laser via a secure remote connection. In many cases errors can be remedied directly in this way, or the configuration of the laser can be modified in a way that enables you to continue manufacturing until the spare part arrives. This reduces production downtime.

TruControl control


TruControl is the quick and easy-to-use control for TRUMPF solid-state lasers. It regulates the laser power in real time in order to deliver reproducible results. Additional modules are specially tailored to the requirements of the TruFiber: The CutAssist option automatically adapts the laser parameters to the speed of the guidance system. In order to ensure that parts are traceable, the DataStore module records all quality-related data.

If external controls are present, TruControl will communicate with them via all standard interfaces. Inputs are made via the touchscreen of the operating panel or via a panel PC. You can integrate your laser into the network via Ethernet and connect multiple PCs.

The TRUMPF sensor systems mean that your production will always be both productive and cost-effective. The sensor products VisionLine, CalibrationLine and integrated pyrometers ensure stable processes by monitoring all the procedures in laser production and make a significant contribution towards your process reliability. Processing continues unimpeded during the measurement – no interruptions are required, saving you valuable production time.

Image processing

TRUMPF VisionLine image processing detects features on the components and ensures that welding is always in the correct location.

Image processing, VisionLine Basic
VisionLine Basic

A digital camera image with cross-hairs in the laser focus helps with workpiece monitoring and teaching.

Calibration tool

The TRUMPF CalibrationLine tool checks and corrects the focal position and laser power on the workpiece at regular, individually definable intervals.

CalibrationLine Focus checks whether the focal position on the workpiece still matches the requirements.
CalibrationLine Focus

Regular checking of focal position

Lasers and laser systems – with us, the perfect pair. All beam sources are optimally attuned to the requirements of the TRUMPF laser systems. You can choose between numerous versions and options, resulting in a system which is precisely tailored to your task. It is, of course, also possible to integrate our lasers directly into your production lines.

TruLaser Station 5005, the easy way to start with laser welding
TruLaser Station 5005

The easy way to start with laser welding

TRUMPF offers you all the components you need for beam guidance from the laser to the workpiece. This also applies for various focusing optics which have proven themselves to be precise and reliable over many years of industrial use. The optics can be easily integrated – both in stand-alone processing stations as well as in complete production lines. The modular structure enables the optics to be continually adapted to the laser types and various processing situations.

Focusing optics

Regardless of whether you are welding, cutting, ablating, heat treating, or drilling, you can count on high-quality process results with robust focusing optics from TRUMPF.

BEO D35 focusing optics for welding with solid-state lasers

Versatile application – welding, cutting, and drilling

BEO D70 focusing optics with observation camera, crossjet, and aerator nozzle

Large working distances with small focal diameters

Programmable focusing optics

The ideal optics for remote processing

Programmable focusing optics PFO 20
PFO 20

Welding and drilling with the programmable focusing optics PFO

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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