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TruPrint 5000
TruPrint 5000
3D printing systems

TruPrint 5000

Highly productive 3D printing for industrial series production

Time comparison for the TruPrint 5000 multilaser from TRUMPF
Time comparison for the TruPrint 5000 multilaser from TRUMPF
3D printing systems

TruPrint 5000

Maximum productivity with the TRUMPF multilaser

3D printing systems

TruPrint 5000

Laser metal fusion (LMF)

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Create top-quality 3D components faster

The highly productive, partially automated TruPrint 5000 3D printing system provides the ideal basis for industrial series production. With features like the 500°C preheating and the multilaser with three 500-watt TRUMPF fiber lasers, you are ideally equipped to handle even the most demanding industrial applications. The machine quickly and reliably manufactures high-quality components from a range of different metal materials, all while meeting the stringent quality requirements for tool and mold making, the aviation and aerospace industry, and the medical technology sector. Combined with external part and powder management and the monitoring solutions from TRUMPF, it is predestined for industrial additive series production.

Maximum productivity

3 x 500-watt fiber lasers simultaneously scan the entire build area to achieve an optimal, seamless surface quality.

High component quality

Preheating the substrate plate to up to 500°C ensures a high part quality and a robust LMF process.

Create components at the touch of a button

The automatic process start enables the machine to be operated unattended.

High machine availability

The build and supply cylinders can be exchanged quickly for work parallel to production.

Safe and extremely productive

The external part and powder management increases machine availability and optimizes the setup process.

Industrial monitoring

Keep an eye on the powder coating, machine status, and machine productivity at all times.

The TruPrint 5000 is a partially automated, highly productive 3D printing machine. The machine boasts integrated features which enable the process to start automatically. Whether it's the automatic linking of the build cylinder, the establishment of a safe process environment, or the start of the build job – why not see for yourself what the TruPrint 5000 can do!
Time comparison for the TruPrint 5000 multilaser from TRUMPF
3 x 500 W multilaser

Maximize your productivity with the TRUMPF multilaser! Three 500-watt TRUMPF fiber lasers simultaneously scan the entire build area and can be assigned with utmost flexibility.

Interchangeable cylinder principle on the TruPrint 5000 from TRUMPF
Integrated interchangeable cylinder principle

As the build and supply cylinders can be exchanged quickly, cylinder setup and powder removal for build jobs can be performed parallel to the LMF process. This reduces idle time and non-productive time and increases the machine's productivity.

The resonator of the TruFiber laser is comprised of a thin fiber
Powerful TRUMPF lasers

The 500-watt fiber lasers operate using a wavelength of around 1,070 nm. The focal diameter, which can be individually adjusted between 100 and 500 μm, means it is possible to react to differing component requirements with outstanding flexibility.

Industrial part and powder management
Industrial part and powder management

Take advantage of setup and powder removal for one or more machines, all parallel to production. Short throughput times for large powder volumes and a closed powder circuit provide a high degree of productivity and operator safety. The central components of the sieving station, powder removal station, and powder silo provide the basis for series production on an industrial scale.

Generativ gefertigter Angussverteiler mit TruPrint Maschinen von TRUMPF

Tool and mold making

By optimizing this runner using laser metal fusion (LMF), the process steps have been reduced from five to just one, and sealing points have been eliminated. The conformal tempering channels increase efficiency and reduce the operating costs.

Generativ gefertigte Vorkammerbuchse mit TruPrint Maschinen von TRUMPF

Tool and mold making

Laser metal fusion (LMF) was used on this gate bush to achieve optimum temperature control and to thermally isolate the hot runner nozzles. These tempering channels cannot be produced conventionally."

Lightweight design of a mounting bracket generated with a TruPrint 1000

Aviation and aerospace

This bracket – a typical component used in the aviation and aerospace industry – has optimized topology which enables savings to be made in the materials and weight.

Implant produced with the TruPrint 1000

Medical technology

When it comes to products for the medical technology sector, laser metal fusion allows for a high degree of customization and meets stringent material requirements.

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TruPrint 5000
Build volume (cylinder) Diameter 300 mm x 400 mm Height
Processable raw materials Schweißbare Metalle in Pulverform, wie z.B.: Edelstähle, Werkzeugstähle, Aluminium-, Nickelbasis-, Kobalt-Chrom-, Kupfer-, Titan oder Edelmetall- Legierungen 1
Preheating 500 °C
Laser source Fiber laser 3 x 500 W
Beam diameter 100 - 500 μm 2
Layer thickness 20 - 150 μm 3
Build-up rate 5 - 180 cm³/h 4
Connection and consumption  
Electrical connection (voltage) 400 V
Electrical connection (current intensity) 63 A
Electrical connection (frequency) 50/60 Hz
Shielding gas Nitrogen, argon
O2 concentration up to 100 (0,01%)
Structural design  
Dimensions (W x H x D) 4560 mm x 2021 mm x 1628 mm 5
Weight 4600 kg 6
Technical data sheet

The technical data of all product versions as a download.


Configure the TruPrint 5000 with utmost flexibility to meet your needs with one, two, or three 500-watt TRUMPF fiber lasers, all tailored to your specific application.

Coater component with X profile

With four different profile sides available for use, you can achieve a perfect, uniform powder coating and benefit from a highly durable coater component with an X profile, as well as a robust process.

TruTops Print mit Softwarepaket Siemens NX

Zu Beginn der Prozesskette für die additive Fertigung steht die Datenvorbereitung für das 3D-Konstruktions- und Fertigungsprogramm. Als Entwicklungspartner von Siemens bietet TRUMPF erstmalig mit dem Softwarepaket "TruTops Print mit Siemens NX" eine durchgängige Softwarelösung mit einheitlicher Benutzeroberfläche ohne Systembrüche an. Die intelligente Prozesskette der Softwarelösung bietet eine hohe Prozesssicherheit, da die Tools für die Entwicklung, Simulation, den 3D-Druck und die NC-Programmierung für Metallteile in einem System zusammengefasst sind und dadurch keine Datenkonvertierung in STL mehr nötig ist. Zum Slicen und Hatchen der Baujobs und für das Parametermanagement ist im Softwarepaket zudem der TRUMPF Build Processor integriert. Sparen Sie Zeit und Kosten durch einen klaren Workflow.

Monitoring solutions for your additive manufacturing

The intelligent monitoring solutions from TRUMPF enable you to monitor and analyze the LMF process on the TruPrint machines. The range includes solutions for process, condition, and performance monitoring. This provides you with transparency across all your machinery and allows you to archive your key figures easily in addition to the remote access option.

TRUMPF metal powder for additive manufacturing

The right powder for your application

A wide range of materials are used for 3D printing of metal parts. Different materials involve different requirements for the machine. With TRUMPF, you can obtain the machine and quality-approved powder directly from a single source. You can therefore be sure that the powder is the best match for use in the TruPrint 5000. TRUMPF also offers the appropriate parameter blocks and substrate plates for the powders on offer. You therefore receive a complete solution. The range includes powders from the areas of stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, and titanium, for example.

Optimal handling of the powder and components is crucial for series production on an industrial scale. The industrial parts and powder management from TRUMPF enables the setup and powder removal of one or more machines, all parallel to production. This increases productivity and profitability for our customers. Standard interfaces and a modular structure guarantee maximum flexibility.

Powder removal station

The powder removal station improves machine availability as the component powder removal is performed externally. Operators do not come into direct contact with the powder, which increases safety when handling the machine. The suction nozzles, which are optimized to meet requirements, enable the simple cleaning of complex components. Access to the station is also optimal due to the rotating build cylinder and an electrical lift drive.

Sieve station with vacuum conveyor

The sieve station enables you to achieve a very high sieve throughput with a consistent powder quality. The high degree of automation of the station also enables unattended operation. With the integrated vacuum conveyor, you can also sieve from any container and fill the desired container as required using the weigh-in function.

Powder silo

With the powder silo, you can store, transport, and fill large powder quantities in the standard container. Here the volume can be individually adjusted. For cleaning, you can quickly disassemble the clamps, for example. Furthermore, the powder silo is easy to transport using the standard pallet jack.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

  • The exact availability of materials and their parameters on request.
  • Subject to modifications. TruPrint 5000 is available starting in November 2017. Please contact the local contact person responsible for you at TRUMPF to find out if the product is available in your country or not.
  • Subject to modifications. TruPrint 5000 is available starting in November 2017. Please contact the local contact person responsible for you at TRUMPF to find out if the product is available in your country or not.
  • The actual build-up rate consisting of illumination and coating. Depending upon the configuration of the system, the process parameters, material and fill level.
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